Please tell us when the patch is happening

I have waited 5 days now and I would like to replace everything that I have had to remove from the wedge pieces. Why can’t you give us a date for the patch or at least tell us why a date hasn’t been set yet? Please let us know so we can plan accordingly.

Thank you.

It’s difficult to give a date because it’s hard to tell how long it takes to get through Certification.
We do hope to have the parity patch ready early next week :slight_smile: This has also been stated in the News and Announcement section so please keep an eye on there.
Sorry we can’t be more specific.


what about the people who cant play the game at all because it just keeps crashing its just getting annoying. now

Thank you for the response. I have looked in news but had not seen that post. I appreciate you letting me know

The Tech team has some fixes ready that will go on with the Parity Patch.

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