Please, we need a DLC or Update for RP and PVE (or add mods for Xbox and PS4)

The basic game (without mods) must be as complete as possible for two reasons:

  • Xbox and PS4 players do not have access to mods.
  • mods can cause problems in game or distort the universe of Conan (on PC).

It would be great to have an update or a DLC for RPG content :

  • tools (like those of Pippi) to complete the tools of administrators on private servers
  • new cosmetic placeables to allow to create villages : inns, forges, weavers, merchants, miller, … (some placeables would be accessible only to admin on private servers and accessible to all on official servers).
  • and finally additional weapons and armor purely cosmetic (to avoid that we are all alike).

One last remark: it is a shame that stone houses and iron weapons are accessible so quickly in the game. Why not integrate an intermediate landing with bronze weapons (copper + tin to collect in the stone) and houses made of wood and vegetable fibers ?


Since all those thing will be available on online servers too, I doubt we’ll see more cosmetic placeable just for RPG content. I’m not even sure the 3 more DLCs scheduled this year will have any placeable. Perhaps one so each season will have 2 DLCs with placeable and 2 without.
I disagree for purely cosmetic armours and weapons. Too MMOesque for CE.
But I agree for an intermediate tier with weapons and building.We go straight from the stone age to the Iron age, skipping entirely the bronze age. Then I see how fast my character levels often skipping iron tools and weapons. Since by the time enough resource to craft the workstation needed to craft these are gathered, she’s already at a level high enough to craft steel weapons and tools. Adding a bronze weapons and tools tier won’t change that.

sorry but I do not share your opinion for armor. For example, yamatai or aquilonian armor are purely cosmetics (they share the same characteristics as the basic armor of the game).
As for the addition of a tier of construction in the game, we should also consider pushing back the apprenticeship of iron and stone. The progression is too fast for a survival game (otherwise we start all at level 60 and bye !! :worried:).
Finally, it would take some solidarity with the players Xbox and PS4. There are no mods on Xbox and PS4, so I think Funcom should make the effort to make them a DLC (I’m PC player but if I played on Xbox, I would probably be very frustrated).

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Right, far better to have weapons no-one will ever use because they do less damage compared to vanilla weapons. I own every DLC. For most of them, I’ve never bothered to craft any of the weapons, because… why would I? Craftable vanilla weapons like dragonbone outperforms every one of them. Easier materials-wise, too. Telith’s too, but at least they’re a wee bit more difficult to produce en masse, so that’s alright.

All these issues (and more) would’ve been solved with cosmetic slots for weapons and armor.


Some bronze weapons would look really cool. I really would like Bronze or Copper Coins too.


I agee the progression is very unbalanced. I think because it is still based on the archaic stat leveling of all other games before it. Since armors and weapons magnify the stats, I think the attributes should be maxed when you first get in, or at least majority of it (say 285, enough to go 4 perk on 1 thing, and perk on another. Re-balance all NPC’■■■■■ power based only slightly on region, and more on tier (1-named). The only thing leveling would tie to is recipes, and getting to max 390. Then you can also remover the archaic kill xp ( you should kill for the resources only. Maybe add a journey step for each creature find?). Make the game leveling about exploration for the recipes and markers.
For PVP/PVE-C, Level 60’s would have the advantage of better armor weapons and heals against a noob that hasn’t unlocked those on the server yet, plus a slight att difference. Yes, a truly skilled level 1 could pvp a bad level 60, but that is how it should be. If their skill is that much different, then so be it.

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I put and " 's " close to the word hit, and it censored it as s!-!it.
Should be NPC’s hit power.

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@WhatMightHaveBeen : I agree, the progression in xp should perhaps not be related to the number of monsters killed (on PVE server). In PVE, the progression should only be related to the exploration and and the recipes / emotes / characters encountered (and maybe killing some Boss anyway). Adding new journeys is also a good idea.

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@Mikey : I could be wrong but I think that for many RP and PVE players the statistics of weapons and armor are not a (big) problem (although it would be nice if we had armor that manages the climatic effects a little more realistic…). It seems to me possible to have in the game more weapons and armors that respect the world (lore) of Conan without have to use mods.

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This is why I tweaked the XP multipliers so that killing gives us the lowest amount of experience and crafting gives us the most experience. You could still kill others, raid and all, but only for their resources so you could craft.


Attribute points aside, what about the feats? I think we could have a mandatory road first allowing us to learn all the necessities, in an assimilative way, and when we get to level 60, the option road begins; where we unlock props and alternative cosmetics with points, representing our adaptive reasoning. How would we get points?


How about we go this way for the attributes and feats…

We assemble the attribute tree at the character creator cross instead; we create a so called base template. We are prompted to pick cards that affect our characters in ways. Each has a text and a picture that helps to explain how they influence them. Each positive card picked will decrease the amount of feat points we can obtain from adapting and in exchange bestow us a trait; all of us have the same point pool size, which we use to buy cards and feats. Each negative card picked will increase the amount instead and diversify our handicap. Some cards are fully compatible while others are mutually exclusive. Some cards hinder other cards. Whenever we get a sufficient amount of compatibility to surface, with the absence of any incompatibilities, we can do the rest of the creation and jump to the game.

While roaming in the field, the environment affects us just as we influence it. To keep us from deviating from the base template, we need to shield ourselves properly from the sources that would bind us to change, unless we want to experience those changes. Along the way of experiencing the world around us, we would assimilate all the mandatory necessities from the feat tree first and when we get those out of the way, we start to accumulate our adapting feat points for the rest; that are the props and alternative cosmetics. All the while we keep the related biometrics in mind. The achievements would need to reflect the new clockwork too, but only necessity wise. Otherwise there’s a chance of bloating to involve. Also it’s not always fun to wander the same exact Hero’s Road so when one is kept from influencing our choices, the road is an adaptive one.

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I am not big a static tree for attributes. I like the way Conan allows you to adapt your atts to what you are doing. And the respec being timed takes out the cheesing that was done, by just respeccing on the fly out in the open. On all servers, PVE to PVP.

But i do like the road map of sorts for Feats.
Tie the journey to each race. they all have the basics, but along the journey steps and feats you learn are things that are akin to them. Dafari, Nordheimer, etc. Even tie it to how temp affects you. One would need to actually explore and learn about each culture to get feats they want/need outsdie the basics such as Iron, Buliding tiers, Steel, etc.

Me neither. What I do like is to be able to influence my build further, from whatever it is at start, and have it fluctuate between the two extremes on all levels of measure based on the results of my situational preferences and environmental biometrics. Hence the base template and adaptation involvement.

To form the base template, we reveal our notions of taste; making a build that suits our liking at that moment, involving both the positive and the negative attributes. This is our starting platform, our first scribed chapter, our predefined build, our embodiment of youth experience and our trampoline to adulthood. Then we get to play and amongst interaction with the environment, we get opportunities to change our build and decide if we still want to stay the same. Both leaving us different outcomes depending on what we decide to do and in what situation, carrying the consequences to the far future scenarios. Sometimes it will be wiser to keep what we are and have while at different times it’s best to learn new things, even if it takes away something from our identity.

Speaking of Conan’s…

What I don’t like about this specific style of an attribute system is its reaction delay. It’s too typical. It’s too fast when it should be slow and it’s too slow when it should be fast.

What I mean is this…

I prefer dynamic action-reaction schedule. The less our character is seen idle, the better. For example having an experience gauge that is filled with the experience of certain event series which then, when completed, will prompt us the question to either deviate or stay the course. No wrong answers, but answers that fit the idea of how to get toward a specific goal that comes around next time. Perhaps either at the end of a session or in its beginning one would face the prompt. This depends solely from the game’s pacing, so one might face it in the middle of certain things too; the moment before we respawn for example. Then the next gauge is filled and the next and the next, up to a point where some of them begin to hinder another and others to even nullify the progression of some gauges until new contradictive decisions are made. If we get to reach enough extremes too soon or too late, our character dies. Sometimes even one is enough in certain situations.

Our lives can end in three ways. Either we drown, suffocate or…


Technically the current progression system in Conan Exiles seems to be the exact opposite. It’s fine as it is (with its faults and all). I’m still having fun coz the faults are not too big for me, in my scenarios, but one could hope it’s developed to be more dynamic. :yum:

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This would be a terrific reason to actually go out and explore the whole map. :smile:

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