Please welcome the new Customer Support team members!

They read scripted lines as a live avatar

Welcome to the Darkside Young One. I have been a gamer since pong hit the scene in the early 1970’s as a table top game when I was three. It was also my first console. As for Star Wars get in line I was at the launch for each of the original trilogy and have an original 1976 Fox B&W still photo of Luke & Leia swinging across the Deathstar Chasim signed by Mark Hamil.


Bow before your God! And Welcome Young One! As for Pizza yes pineapple is good on pizza with Pork/Ham. But why not Tuna after all pizza already has fish via Anchovy paste used to make the sauce.

HI wish u guys good day and work in future also, and soo i can now hope on fater griefer report completion :smiley: atleast faster than 14 days or 3 months :smiley: i hope… :smiley:


True! It started this way. It was the dish of poor fishermans meeting in Rocky islands between Italy and Greece at nights! The evolution however is Supreme :drooling_face:, keep the pineapple and the fishes, all yours :rofl::rofl::rofl: and give me the rest!
By the way, I was borned on 76, so I allow me to pay my respects for your gaming age here!



Will you guys attend to questions related to battlepass and the cash shop? There will be an specific channel? We have a lot of questions


Welcome to Funcom, is there going to be any engagement regarding issues with @AgeOfConanDev or are @Funcom going to ignore this, as they’ve done for the past year?

So what I miss?

Hey New peeps…and just in time for the ever fun drastic change in the game. Make sure you get the CS manual down in the basement ;). Welcome and don’t let them overload you with just the crap work. The player base is a very interesting and diverse bunch but most of us in the forums share the same goal as FC…game success.


All kidding aside, this is an extremely meaningful and comprehensive update. The first chucklehead out there who says the Bazaar and BP are bad for the game is gonna earn himself a virtual wedgie from me. For years Conan has really needed a Customer Support team for all the right reasons. Cheers @HighSaint and @RitualGround, from one tech/customer support person to another.


Welcome to the team. I hope you survive your first day with patch being released today.

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Welcome. Now let’s get down to business. I play on Xbox. The store does not work. I can’t even buy the battle pass.

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Greetings @Funbags,

Please check the following announcement:

Thank you for understanding.


welcome friend, It’s a good time to reinforce the team. Survive, Build, Dominate.



How did the first day go? :grimacing:

It gets better. This was a mean first day. You got good bosses that understand that. You survived so congratulations.

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Ayesh what a time to be new in this job.
Good luck and may Crom ever ignore your existence…

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Tuna definitely doesn’t belong in the office at all, much less on pizza. peers at Andy For safety reasons.

They’re customer support not GM’s/Admins. They are just the go between in the process depending on which department they are for. GM ruling are arbitrary but they could be support for technical issues.

Survive, build,banned

Here i fixed it for uXD

New patch gone live , 2 newcomer guys from cs missing!!! XD


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