Pls fix fly bug, everybody can fly in all apex base

ps 4 official server 3228

It is because of YouTube videos

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With today’s stream, not going to matter, as apex bases will now be vulnerable to projectiles.

But one defense, is just line your roof with palisades.

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Hey there,

We’re aware of the exploit and we’ve addressed it internally. It’ll be released soon.

So you are saying my clan needs to initiate our apex raids asap? :wink: JK.
But seriously, If one clan were planning to do some tower raiding (not saying I know of anyone who would be), and that one clan had a small window day to do it (like between today and let us say…Thanksgiving), what day would you pick?

Just fill ur freaking roof with palisades or thralls, and place a temperature riser (fireplaces), or decreaser (like glowing torches) below… the combination of spikes/bleed and overheat or frostbite will kill enemies faster than u think

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