Pls Funcom, my favorite game is dying = PUT THE NAMES AGAIN IN THE LIST OF PLAYER ONLINE!

With the coronavirus and everyone at home it was the best time for the game to fly and it was off to a good start!

But without the names in the list of online players, there is no more community creation, no more spontaneous discussion :
“oh well I know him I’ll talk to him!” or “oh hello the new” "or my best enemy is here !

No all that is dead and it is all this that made the glue that makes players stay on a server and get involved.

Concretely if you have done this for pvp or other it’s even worse, the person who speaks has a disadvantage compared to the others, so you encourage people not to speak !!!

You killed the whole community part of this game and that was the very essence of the game. Alliances, wars, friends, enemies … I’m sad for the game. So do something out of pity don’t don’t let die for nothing!!


I have already say that + 10 more times. All changes are wrong since december.

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you can always create a discord for people who use that server to join.

It’s a good change, but if you don’t like, it’s an option for private server, un can find private server with options you like.

Discord is a thing for a reason.

why good change? pls argu…

subjectiv opinion, but…more organic and realistic experience with that.

There’s no reason why your characters and thralls would know there are others out there, and specifically, who is logged in and who is not. If you are going after a base in PVP, it makes sense to not know what the defenses are of what’s behind the walls even if it’s to know that they owner is/is not online.

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Why? I can’t understand why everyone cries about this, it a SURVIVING game, why and HOW could you know who is around you if you don’t see’em around??? It was a good change, get used to it.


Some people, myself included, need to go to extraordinary lengths to play an online game and use an external app like Discord. In fact, I need to use my mobile data plan when playing and doing the Disco, because I simply don’t have enough upstream bandwidth to carry my dulcet voice to others. :slight_smile:

I prefer the list being blank, and voluntarily unobscured. I’d go one further and say the Event Log should say “Turanian Standing Lamp destroyed by A Clan” or “Aquilonian Door destroyed by A Player.” PvP should make your glutes tighten up, every time you load onto the server. :crossed_swords:


Maybe have it be a player option, where you can turn it on. this would allow for players on PVE server to have it on, and PVP players to have it off if they desire. sort iof like whether i can see texts on signs or not.

Not a big deal since it still shows someone is there.

There is no reason to show the persons name.

Everyone uses discord or some type of chat program anyways its a must when doing content.

i see the game live and well, maybe if you want to interact with someone you should visit them, knock at the doors and talk in /say vicinity chat.
Before that update, people said the game was dying because they could know who raided them lol.
I think this is fine, in pve servers it doesn’t work, only in pvp hours, think of it as a kind off simple sneak mechanic.

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