Plugin Missing: Rcon Plugin

So I just updated. I get 2 error messages on launch:

Plugin Missing: This project requires the RconPlugin plugin. --> I click OK (the only option).

Plugin Missing: Would you like to disable RconPlugin? You will no longer be able to open any assets created using it. --> I click NO, nothing happens. I click YES and i’s assuming that will not help me.

Windows 10
1070 Graphics Card

I checked steam boards and this one as well as google and not only have no idea what this is, but have not found a similar issue out there. Sorry if I did not find it and its out there.

-> Currently verifying the local files. Hopefully that will help. Already restarted steam, same issue.
–> 6000+ files failed to verify, so now I get to download over 6GB of files…
—> That fixed it.

Hope this helps someone in the future.