Plz shut my pets up

Not a big deal but is the pet hunger noise necessary anymore … my base is giving me headache with starving pets :joy::joy:



No … if I wanted to feed pets I’d play ark :joy:

Then deal with their crying til next update comes.

I just dropped a line of palisades last night and killed off my wolf army for this reason. Thalls dont cry when they are hungry!

Just drop down a feed crop for the animals

I have too many to feed lol … again not a big deal if I want them to have a buff I will put it in there inventory… just annoying listening to them .

This new patch removes their hunger animations an fx - should shut them up. I agree, i have to keep mine fed as when theyre hungry they drive me insane…


If you are admin, turn off the pet hunger system. It will stop the noises and then you have the option for feeding pets for the buff or to heal them. I personally don’t bother feeding them at all. I have the system switched off.

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