Point of interest blocked in PVE

okay umm. i dont even know if this is bug maybe, or no, because so far on points of interests nobody can build but there is abnormal BIG base that actually blocks the point of interest zone, i have that point already but how others can even get it if that base is on that spot, and climbing is impossible, guy placed basically spikes and wall is so high that i am happy i got that spot before that player joined, now i drain stamina on half way on it …

but my point - why its even possible to build on spots like them… i mean, telith island for example is also spot of interest but building is disabled at that spot, same is to tower of siptha etc but this one is not… so i guess its bug?

( base )

Building outer border

I know 3everyone wants to be special but this is bug or what that u can build on point of interests by blocking access to them?

My advice is that if you’re going to play pve, just play single player or a private server.

Please don’t get me wrong lol, I like playing online and official servers especially, but there are so many jerks on pve servers they really take the fun away from the more relaxed environment.

PvP on the other hand, you just smash what you don’t like.

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thats how i got that explore achievement status on steam… because each online is blocked some of it… either cave, or square itself…

about PVP - maybe if u are first settler u can yes, but then u cant destroy if u start total new… + everyone just likes to kill u .

Lol official pvp is brutal, but if you’re into it you can start some serious mayhem at level 35. Dont expect to have any big bases without a clan to defend them though lol. I did the 1 and 2 man clans for a while building little 4x4 hideouts that where basically bomb factories, but that’s a different play style all together.

My best experience playing the game was on a friends private server with my other buds. No stress, no jerks building invincible walls, just fun.

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