Poking Around Without Luck

So we recently had an issue with a player transfering out of our Ulfhedinn server…all of that is resolved now. But it reminded me that I haven’t enabled transfers into the server. I’ve been poking around looking for the answer and haven’t found it. It seems most of the config items added in 2020 (see here Server Configuration - Official Conan Exiles Wiki) aren’t defined and the closest I can get too looking at the server ServerSettings.ini file is ServerTransferServersWhitelist= but I don’t know if that’s a “true” statement, or a number range or what. There’s also ServerMergeOutgoingTime=0 and the next line is ServerMergeDestination= (currently it’s blank). But I’ve no idea how they work.

Ideally, I’d have it set to allow anyone who wanted to transfer in be able to just go ahead and do it without whitelists or other hurdles. Appreciate any tips and links you can offer.

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