POLL - 60% of the 206 user reviews for this game are positive. Please save Conan Exiles!

  • I think the developers should have added to the old map.
  • I am happy with the execution of the DEVs getting a new separate map.

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This is a screen shot of STEAM.
I think these numbers are obvious.

The new map is not Conan Exiles… The reason why the numbers are the way they are, is not because it’s horrible… But its because people were expecting an expansion for the Conan Exiles game, which this is not.

Maybe this could be accepted as a NEW GAME… Maybe, Conan’s PVP Island… or… I don’t know I am not the right person to choose a new game’s title…

What I am trying to say is, This should have been sold as a new game, not as an addition to conan exiles, because this is 100% not an addition to Conan Exiles. We have 2 games in 1 now.

This is bad in so many ways. The game player base is already low… Now the game player base is going to split! Now this is the acceleration of the game’s death!

But for real… In my opinion and many others that has spent tons of hours in this game, the current map needs an addition… If they spent the time they spent on this, in adding to the current map, I can guarantee you, the user feedback would be WAY better than 60% positive.

This explains a lot.

If the game makers want to buy my business, I will go work for you and help you to make the game better. I can program in ASM, C, C++ and C#.

I love the real Conan Exiles game, I hope we can get things straight.

Please excuse my grammar issues and stuff. English is 3rd language and my backspace key is currently defective.


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