Poll for the new map

Hello Funcom, why are you not surveying the new map? It would surely be an advantage for everyone if you know what we want and what we hope for. This reduces the likelihood that many will be disappointed.

Centaur Island!! Sign me the duck up!

Although now im thinking about Hawaiian centaurs. And as much as a like the idea of bronze boobily horse ladies with flower wreathes, I dont think they can Hula. So were gonna need to X this idea Halk :wink:

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I want the vampire cave and a potion so I can become a bat and fly to exiled land. :rofl::rofl::rofl::grin::yum:

There is no need for a poll. Just hop on suggestions, post your idea. If it catches steam, they will look at it I am sure. they also have to balance players biggest fantasies with their licensing agreement. The one where they have to stay within the Conan Lore box. that is how licensing works. I let you use my IP, but I want it to stay true my idea (or in this case, Howard’s Ideas according to the people who own the rights). If I don;t like it, and feel you broke the contract, I will move it to someone else.


What kind of questions should they ask?

Mind you, if they plan to release the map this year, it must already be well into development, so whatever it’s going to include, anything we ask now will be added later, if at all.

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Or let Funcom use its lore master and design team to do what they do?

Several suggestions have popped up over years… not like they don’t have a massive backlog of wants and dont’s.

I asked for new caves several times… told they had stuff coming. We got new dungeons… but not new caves. XD I think some of ideas would just get bent… or 500% instead of 100%…

the map need to bind together the the diferent parts (that are my it self werry good but dont fit together) on the game to work together beather!

And make diferens betwean pvp and pve servers.

Funcom are very bad for bugfix, balance, multiplayer and optimization, but they are very good for lore-respect and ambiance, so we should let them do their map as they want and not interfere.

They should definitively make solo game.


I’m sure the new map is well beyond the stage of making any drastic changes.

It most definitely is. Typically by the time they announce it’s coming, they’ve already decided on a base outline for it. Add a few months of progress and it’s pretty set in.


I don’t care! I want Stygian DLC

Low Gravity Biome, filled with Rhinos…


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