Poll: More land?- CLOSED - ERROR

After much discussion on the subject: map expansion

I decided to create this unofficial survey for two reasons.
The first is that I am very curious to see the results. The second contains the hope of helping Funcom (to whom I still compliment for the game) to understand the greater tendency of the subject on the players’ side.

  • More land less dungeons
  • No change - only dungeons coming, no land.

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Seriously! Is it possible to vote for more land and more dungeons :innocent:? In fact we just don’t know how many dungeons are planed for the future. I heard about 4?

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You are right! Apparently the possibility exists then I edit the survey by adding a dot.
I just have to wait 5 minutes because it won’t let me do it now…

I will vote for + land (maybe another card?), + dungeons. I’ll vote if you can update the poll. The current two choices don’t fit either for me.

I’ve tried so far, but don’t let me change it :cold_face:
After 5 minutes it can no longer be done.
I try to destroy this thread and try to create a new one.

Sorry for messing up!
I closed this survey and opened a new one:

as requested