POLL => More Land or More Dungeons?

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You were all right and the third option is a must.
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After much discussion on the subject: map expansion

I decided to create this unofficial survey for two reasons.
The first is that I am very curious to see the results. The second contains the hope of helping Funcom (to whom I still compliment for the game) to understand the greater tendency of the subject on the players’ side.

  • More land less dungeons
  • No change - only dungeons coming, no land.
  • More land and more dungenos

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I’m for more PVE-Content in general. More land, even a new map. More dungeons, longer dungeons, tricky dungeons.

“Häusle bauen, Häusle bauen, feddisch!” (building shacks, building shacks, finish!) is for a long time term a little bit boring. And no, PVP isn’t a solution for me.


I’m not sure the “more land and more dungeons” option is meaningful, I mean that seems a no-brainer doesn’t it? But I guess if people demand the option to vote for something utopian like that, go right ahead.


it shows you voted twice. you dirty duper :slight_smile:

Heh, well that was to vote for the option I feel is meaningful, plus to show that the “both” option is such a no-brainer even I have to vote for it :wink:

Of course, in all likelihood nothing will come of this, since Funcom have (four?) dungeons in the pipeline, and have pretty firmly stated there are no plans to expand on the map. It would just have been interesting to see which option the community would prefer given a choice, but this way we’ll end up with 90+% votes for “both”, which tells nothing about preferences.


Would be cool to see a completely different map hosted on different servers that players could transfer between, but likely will never happen.

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Thank you all!
You have raised a good doubt … what is the point of voting for one or the other if you can have everything?
It seems fair to give an explanation:

  1. If you vote: More land and more dungeons
    Then it means that you prefer the option in which 4 dungeons are released and the map is extended, perhaps without necessarily inserting new biomes, but strengthening the current ones.

  2. If you vote: More land less dungeons
    So it means that you prefer to have only 1-2 new dungeons coming out in exchange for more land and maybe some new biomes.

  3. If you vote: No change - I don’t think we need explanations. 4 dungeons coming and no extra land. According to Funcom’s current plans on the matter.

Im sorry, I know that I voted twice. The reason is that I would genuinely prefer a combination of both (ie-new land and new dungeons). However, if it were an outright black and white choice between one or the other (ie-more land OR more dungeons), I would choose more land.

PS-thankyou fo creating this poll Zardoz!

I guess I’ve followed the pack and voted twice. I would like more if both in a perfect world. If not, then I would be willing to sacrifice a dungeon or two for additional playable land.

Now this idea has probably been referenced before, so apologies in advance. What if the maps had an additional obelisk that linked to another map? The teleportation would trigger the map loading screen and then you would be in the new world. To get back home, there would be an obelisk that would transport you back to a set location. Once you build a map in the new world, you could your maps for a smoother transition.

how about fixing the game and preventing hackers before releasing new content?

A way to add more land would be when you complete the main quest and escape the exiled lands instead of wiping your char and gear it should port you to a whole new map outside the exiled lands and increase your level cap, so you can continue playing and use a portal to travel freely between the 2 maps and keep all your stuff.

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They did just release dozens, even hundreds of fixes only a couple of weeks ago now (or days if youre a ps4 player), and have said that they will continue to do so well into the future.


Ahem…or still waiting in the wings of you’re an xbox player. :grin:

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Indeed friend, thats why I was careful to add ps4 in bracketts. :wink: But they did say a few days later, so it should be pretty soon. Hopefully soon for the sake of our Xbox1 bretheren.

I agree with you all. It is a free survey and I am of the same opinion as you:

  • Having 4 dungeons and an enlargement of the land is ok for me.
  • Having 1-2 dungeons in exchange for one or two new biomes / enlarging the land is fine for me anyway.

At this point I also vote double because depending on the technical feasibility of the thing.

We all agree on this. Better to have a game running at 100% (a utopia …), we say that 90% would be great, that continuous expansions full of bugs.
We are all confident in Funcom’s work in solving various bugs.
The survey looks towards a near future …

So I will admit that I am greedy. :sweat_smile:

I would totally love some new land in that certain north east corner. Just place a huge camp or a region with ruins above the cavern, as the whole cavern already is a no build area. Just recycle it into an area on top which isnt meant to be built upon eighter.
I could totally go for a huge cliff area, with lots of vertical layers, lots of small caves which then need to be buildable.

But also a few more dungeons (two should still be coming anyway?)

However, I DO know, that no land has been told to be coming. That the map wont be epanded by anything else than dungeons. I would still love for a new biome to be coming when all the other content which already was told to come has been implemented. I still prefer bugfixes and new mechanics over new land.

I think actual lands would have more interest points, more dungeons, speaking npc, lore things, maybe an other neutral city (some areas are a little empty of this things, grass lands, swamp…). And I’m interessted too for new lands. But in priority, I prefer more dungeons and interessting things for existing lands.

There’s already so many unfinished dungeons that are soon to come, adding more land and more dungeons will only put more burden on the devs and won’t actually give us detailed high tier dungeons. Let the devs work with the ones that aren’t out yet (brimstone cave dungeon, set city khaels stronghold dungeon).

I believe that Funcom has stated that the map is what it is, and have suggested that there is not really any room or any plans for further map expansion.

That said, I voted “Only Dungeons, no land.” If I had my way, I would have more of both. But I do not believe that more land at this point is a reasonable expectation. They have drafted the map, and have effectively painted themselves into a corner.