POLL => More Land or More Dungeons?

What i do find amusing is 2 of the most talked about desires of the player base are polar opposites:

  1. Bigger Map (or new bioms added)–which means those that want this feel they have seen everything in Conan Exiles, and want some change of scenery because the map now feels small.

  2. Mounts—which means people feel the map is too big and don’t want take the time to travel it. If implemented, new players would not see the entire map, because fast travel on mount would be easier and more efficient use of time.

not judging, just found it ironic :slight_smile:

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ok…im from eso… $$$ > fixing whats broken… sry but i have expectations xD fixing whats broken > $$$

Wow … a fantastic head to head 26% vs. 26%!
We could open a betting table in the tavern at Sepermeru … :wink::money_mouth_face:

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Sorry Mikey, looks like Im going to have to disagree on this one. I see the ‘both’ option as a perfectly logical choice, and I would genuinely like to see development split between the two. Choosing both does not mean that the individual is either ‘playing it safe’ or ‘on the fence’ with regards to this matter. I see it as being like going for ice-cream, and having a choice between chocolate and vanilla. So what exactly is wrong with asking the clerk for a scoop of each…!? He can only say yes or no, and as a customer who is willing to pay, it is neither rude nor unreasonable to inquire.

Yes we have all heard both Funcom and other users say that there will likely be no more land. However as most of us would already know, public opinion often tends to steer policy. This may (yeah probably a longshot) be just the catalyst needed to make them sit back and go ‘…hmm’. And besides, there is nothing wrong asking the hypothetical.

On a side note, I simply do not understand the deep seeded resistance to a new biome or two. It could make for a phenomenal swan song. For example, just look at what Solsteim did for Skyrim, and what Tousaint did for The Witcher 3. It really made them both go out with a bang. And I for one am all for duplicating that success here.

Erm…you know mate, the way things are going, you may end up having to eat your own words on this one. :wink: Because even though ‘both’ is in the lead at the time of this post, the outright ‘land’ and outright ‘dungeon’ votes equate to a combined total of 50%, and interestingly, are neck and neck at 25% each! Im actually finding this kind of exciting.

I now present this scientific, highly intellectual video to help make the case for the ‘both’ option to members of the forum:


Heh, I think you’re misunderstanding my misgivings with the ‘both’ option. It’s not that wanting both is bad or meaningless, on the contrary it is that wanting both is blindingly obvious, yet it tells very little about what people would prefer if they had to choose.

I don’t ‘not want’ new biomes per se, but I think there’s more scope for some interesting new game mechanics in a slew of dungeons, particularly with what Funcom has shown in the UC about seeing the need for an actual endgame loop of sorts :grin:

Oh absolutely, I agree. I just think we’re more likely to meaningfully “steer policy” as you put it if we acknowledge the limitations that are present.

There’s no deep seated resistance on my part, just an acknowledgment that this has been asked and answered many times, and the answer has remained the same. I’m not saying that should stop people asking if they want to (they’re not asking me, after all), but for my part I’d rather talk about things I feel have better than a snowball’s chance in hell of making it into the game.

Yeah, and I’m okay with that. Maybe the subsequent discussions about that option has something to do with it, maybe not, but in either case, I never mind being wrong if reality turns out to be ‘better’ than what I feared :slight_smile: It’s still a fact that most of the respondents gravitated towards ‘both’ though (which is no surprise).

See, what I’m actually trying to do is make the community send a clearer signal, because I have a feeling that a significant majority would have voted for ‘more land’ which (while not my choice) would have been a significant signal to Funcom. Now we have a muddled result that you can’t really tell anything from, and that’s not likely to sway anyone’s mind.

As always though, I appreciate our discussions, even when we disagree :+1:

I heard your statement that the developers have completed the game map.
In fact, I was hoping for the latest expansion… Because, to the right of the volcano there is a very large area in the fog.
I understand that developers are not working for nothingю Then…
Is it possible with the option of a paid addition? If the expansion of the map is impossible for some reason (which I doubt, rather reluctance), then you can do something like a teleport to the moon-grove? Which will transfer to the valley of the Picts or Aquilonia? Or maybe something completely new?
When choosing between a dungeon and this option, I prefer new territories. Even in the form of research, but it will be new. Perhaps a one-way ticket, where there will be no home. And there will be a large number of rare resources. Test how far the exiles can go.

This puts it perfectly. When doing a litmus test poll, giving the none of the above, or all of the above (both in this case) does not identify which is more important if given a choice. The both just says we want new content, and for most consumers that is a given. It leaves it open ended for the Dev to do what they want and doesn’t help drive them towards the pulse of the server, which if not mistaken is the purpose of a poll.


Therefore, it was not necessary to make such an answer possible. There should be 2 options, not 3.

If you read the first post you will see several links including the one on the first poll created.
You’ll see in that poll the choices were only 2:

  • More land less dungeons
  • No change.

However, several users complained about the lack of the third option. This is because apparently it is technically possible. Obviously reaching a compromise. The available space is however limited.
So some posts above I said to clarify:

I understand what a choice means, it makes no sense to explain the obvious.
When you decided to “be good” for everyone, including those who do not understand the meaning of this vote (by giving the third variant) you have deprived the meaning of this topic.
Definitely, the developers will not do both things, if you believe the statement of the person above. Although there is no evidence of this, it seems to be true.
This item is needed for those who can not decide what he would prefer, but really wants to take part :slight_smile: I think it would be worth calling him “not sure, I want to see the results,” although they are already visible.
The point is that we do not have a third variant, and there is only a choice: either the emphasis is on expanding the map or on the dungeons. The third only in fantasy, unfortunately

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Yes, expanding map is technically possible. But in reality, everything is tehcnically possible when it comes to games. The poll would better be suited to let the developer know which is more important. If was meant to just say what is everyones fantasy, we could have evolving map as an option then. Because that is what i wan’t. It would be the map changing based on wars between NPC’s. Technically it is possible. Whether it is good for the game and how much code rewriting is another argument.

But in general, i do appreciate the effort by creating this poll. But for future polls you do , be concise on the purpose, and don’t let other sway what you want to know about that purpose.

Ha ha ha, I do not work for Funcom. I’m just a player :slightly_smiling_face:
And this poll is basically just a nice fantasy game that will definitely NOT affect the company’s policies.
In reality it serves to heal the curiosity of all those who are interested in seeing a result.
And yes … maybe some developer might be interested.

What we need is an official poll announced by Funcom itself.
I don’t think this will ever happen … or maybe yes.
Who knows?

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That exists, it’s called the DevKit :wink:

(just a tongue in cheek answer, obviously I’m not serious)

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I reckon it probably does, yeah. Haven’t actually tried myself though so can’t say for sure.

you can, but it would take extensive knowledge of the domino effect, to make sure everything tied to it gets modded.

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