[POLL] Oficial Servers Need Schedule Wipe? - please vote again ;)

Not just that but the ability for admins to destroy all of a player/clans assets via a special admin command.

Being able to completely remove all of an individual or groups assets would help admins so much.

Especially when you have undermesh, overbuilding, duping problems, etc. etc.

I support wipes but psuedo-wipes such as what I mentioned above would be good to have in certain situations.

Just implement a limit on land claiming, increase building decay timers, and make players actually have to go to each base to refresh timers. Some of these “alpha” clans are ridiculous, there’s no reason for players to blue screen when they walk within eye sight of a mega cancer base

I think he is talking about officials, and an option for privates. Defaulted to off.

IF Funcom deemed it necessary to insure fun, then in theory they could limit on officials.

But instead of limiting, how about the more you build the faster decay timer goes. A setting for officials be more aggressive. Default to off for SP and privates can turn on if they wanted to. 4 setting, off, slow, moderate, and fast decay based on amount claimed area. so if you want the super spider web, then it will make your decay rate obscenely fast. If you build “legit” and don’t super thread them, then each base will be reasonable decay rate.


Yeah I started on one but lucky for me, the server was closed on my second day so I didn’t waste much time there. That’s when I put the grind to an official server since, other than the sporadic server blackouts, I don’t have to worry about not being able to log on. As far as pvp servers, I never joined one because I figured it was a guarantee to have my base destroyed.

Make servers for that, if they wipe the current officials the few remaining player base will get fewer even more.

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I am in favor for the wipe. Or if the wipe is out of the questions at least add new official servers. This should have been done (imo) when the PS4 version went free to download for the month. At any rate it’s why I decided to launch an official rate server. We would love to have you guys.

See this link for more info !!!


Players will complain, cry and threaten to stop playing, but in the end most of them will resume playing with new players who start playing. Creating new servers will require maintenance costs for the company, Conan does not collect monthly values from its players, and the company needs to bear server costs only on sales figures, so when people play little the game sells little and so company collects little which results in fewer servers. The best way is to try to increase the game audience, renew current players and attract new ones by ensuring more competitive and less monotonous servers, following in the footsteps of competitors.

Waiting for the “git gud” comments from the cheaters… I mean “alphas” lol

Players will only comeback if they see an improvement in the game, and by improvement I mean no undermeshing, no dupps, no more game breaking glitches. People are tired, I know several people who started playing back in EA, stop playing, come back on Launch, stop 1 week later, some took more longer, and some others, not even updates bring them back because glitches and hacks are still around.

So as Zerog said,

Wipes will have zero effect, because those players will continue to dupping, undersmeshing and hack in any way they can. And FC can always turn those empty servers seasoned ones that has wipes, no need to erase everyone’s progression just because some players cry about having no chance.


I change servers after a month of playing cus it gets boring when u have everything.

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The team is working on correcting duplicate items.

Conan needs new players who buy the game and generate revenue for ■■■■■■ to be able to revert to the game itself.

Ok, speaking seriously if they’ll decide to do it I hope for them new players after more than we are now, because if they’ll wipe I’ll be out forever and I’ll ask refound because one of the reason I bought the game and all DLC was no wiping as they stated more and more times and I don’t think I’ll be the only one from pve and pve-c players abandoning the game.

Wiping a person’s character will just give the cheaters and exploiters MORE of an advantage. A real player will take a long time to get back to level 60. An exploiter will be back to level 60 in a few hours.


How is killing enemies and running the circle of spawn timers exploiting? If you choose to run the map the old fashioned way, that does not make another players technique exploiting. Or are you, a PVE player, suggesting a nerf of XP gained for killing NPC’s?

Except that’s not how they do it. The old method, for example, was building something that required dragon powder, which is expensive to make, placing it, dismantling it, getting back your dragon powder (or was it the explosive?), then simply making and placing another.

Because each time they made it, they received a massing amount of XP, they could quickly boost themselves to max level.

There was another now-patched method that let you cheese a fishman enemy with bleed, be completely safe, and it gave you enough xp to jump two entire levels even when you were in 50s.

Those are the exploits I am talking about, and those are only the ones they patched. They would let someone be level 60 in a few hours, while a legit player would take much, much longer. That says nothing of the ones still being used.

Right, because the game didnt sell well back in EA and Launch. Even so, DLC’s provide inc money. And if the game continues in this slow motion state on improvements, new players will be only tourists, they come play a bit but dont take long for the glitches/bugs scare them away.

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Under the purchase agreement you can only request a refund within hours of purchase.

In my opinion Conan should charge a monthly fee to play on official servers. So you could invest in a larger team to work on the game and revert to faster improvements and fixes, as well as ensuring a longer game life.

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A bit aggressive, but it’s your point of view so unlike you I won’t offend :wink:

I guess that is a valid option.
But personally if that would happen I would insist on 24/7 admin presence to counter griefing and exploiting that have been the core of this thread.
So yes, there would be money to expend the team, but much of that new team would be admins on official server.

Not trying to counter you, but if I pay extra, I also expect extra service.