Poll on Bringing the Fury PvP Matchmaking app to Crom!

Hey all!
Spreadman just started a new poll to gauge interest in migrating the famed Fury world pvp matchmaking app to Crom. The developer of said app says he will only consider it if enough interest is expressed by the community. So, If you have any interest at all in seeing this app come to Crom, make sure to vote yes!

A poll has been posted regarding the possibility of bringing the Fury PvP matchmaking app to Crom. I have included a link to an old VoD depicting the app in action on Fury. I think the app would be a great addition to Crom. Help me make it happen and vote!! Click here for the Poll - PvP App in action

Spreadman should grow some balls and stop pretending to be groovydude

Just shut it and vote yes!

So no balls yet then?

Found another message in a bottle…
It’s from the Spreadman!!

The message reads as follows…

Dear Dutch and Suctem
That is all

There’s something else at the bottom…

P.s. Vote Yes!!!

If it happens i will return in AoC

…and annoy you all again! MUAAHAHA

Voted Yes