Poll Redo: Vote here on your opinion on the 79 bracket. Let the devs know what you think!

Based on the results of the two polls here, plus the Facebook and Twitter polls, it looks like you want the level cap raised to 80 tomorrow! It was really close and, honestly, @Spreadicus’ poll acted as a tiebreaker since it was otherwise dead even on our other polls. Thanks for voting :slight_smile:

Hooray for democracy

Meh, this means its just back to the grind of levels and gear. Guess I’ll just finish the saga quest and then mosey on over to Crom. Let those that farmed event over and over to get pvp lvl10 have the server. Funs over…

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Just like Dreadh. I don’t play more than a few hours each week, the need to deal with the Gear/AA Gap will kill all the fun for me. I’ll just hit 80 for the vanity set and be gone.

Maybe we can hope for a vanilla (no-AA + no purple gear) server as next Saga ruleset :smiley:

Guys but be realistic. One more week at 79lvl wouldnt change anything at all. Those who purchased boxes from the store are hundred light years ahead of us and you wont catch them. That’s why during the next pvp Saga the store should be disabled totally so we would all have equal chance to compete.

Its not about catching up to the pvp 10’s. Its about having fun for a bit longer before raising the cap to 80. At 79 there is virtually no gap in aa’s and gear. That all changes at 80. But also at 80 there is just a massive grind. I’ve done that grind three times, and doing Saga was never about that. It was about having fun doing pvp and dungeons pre-80. For me at least. And now thats over, so is Saga for me.

For me personally the saga was over when I saw for the first time items from the store, armor sets, AA points, legendary rings, rare potions etc. This is not how the saga should look like and even at 79 lvl the difference in damage and all that is huge between those who just tried to play the game for fun and those who paid to become good at some point. Nevertheless I feel sorry for you because I know how you feel.

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1st of all, people that want it to go to 80 asap forget that it’s only one week,

why not let half of the population that were quite passionate about this have this extra week of fun…? just leave the game for one week if it’s so bad, then come back at 80 and do the usual we’ve had since ages.

ggs. atleast we tried.

2nd of all, the people crying over no protection can’t possibly know the game very well.

5 small pieces with protection. 5 points wards. 5 point chromatic warding (only lesser players won’t have this maxed out by now)

also possible is 2x crafted rings with 133 prot. tanks also have crafted gear with 3x 133 prot gems…poor game knowledge if you complain about protection on your conq.

my bear is on 25% protection (that’s more than I have in armor mitigation) and I don’t even have general feats + 3x big pieces like tanks do or a 10k healthpool. bad excuse!

well Im not saying 79 is perfect, it’s not always balanced, but honestly melee’s have very strong damage with 11 sacred weapons base dps, if anything I’d say some melees become broken.
the main issue is that CCs are probably too strong with so few CC breaks, but to me that was the appeal of it, for a shorter time atleast!

PS. @Massochist if you just played festivals a bit you’d have like ~300 victory tokens, which is enough to ding prowess well over 50 times… 50x8 = 400 points, it’s almost like being full AA, and thats not even counting all the times you’d ding already…

pvp 10 is already achieved or very close to atleast if you saved all the skulls from festivals in bank and pop all the pvp candy before using them. shop hardly matters at 80 anymore. the only thing that really mattered was the lvl 80 ring useable at lvl 1 and damage/crit potions.

can people please get a frikkin grip over this game???
if you’re one of those guys that stand on pad all day without parttaking in real and organized PvP, you should reconsider how you play the game, not complain about the itemshop. it’s your own fault for not playing the game how intended!

Keep in mind that festivals used to be controled by NW most of the time, so maybe you have a huge amount of AA’s, skulls, items etc. with your friends. I didnt have a chance to win any festival with my friends who are less experienced in pvp so it was fun to play and receive rewards just FOR YOU.

You wanted to have 79 lvl extended, I didnt. No need to cry over spilled milk. Funcom gave us a chance to vote so we did and you can see results. I didnt like how saga looked like from 1-79 lvls but I was still playing though I wasnt forced to. If you dont enjoy playing at 80 lvl you can always move to another game.

yeah, Im sorry for the “whine” just trying to shed some light on the reality of things and not some nonsense like 75% of forum posts (like the one you posted before, regarding post 80 shop dominance)

Im ok with no more 79 bracket since rl would have come in the way for my participation. Just a bit sad to see a good opportunity go for those who treasure this unique opportunity for what it was (look at biglouis’s view). I might come back stronger if Saga is alive when I get the time, was a blast so far atleast. Might be good further on, theres no exile rune, so thats good! Chaos ring is still gonna pose an issue though…

Maybe FC could remove slithering chaos, and add some siege oriented quest? Would be sweet!

My only question now is when does this Saga end? Especially when pvp festival is in CE just makes me wish we were back on Crom.

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You can go back to crom anytime u like.

Please extend this period for at least one more week. Like the post if you agree, or comment. It is so much more fun pre-80.



Let us get to level 80 as fast as possible…and do some proper PvP!

YES! 80s pvp will come and last for a long time, why not enjoy some 79 abit more?

feels like the server is gonna take a fall after people have finished their 80 quest its gonna be a bit more pale, especially without SIEGES (who wants to farm for a t3 keep…?)

really fun with some 79 action without AAs atm! 100% agree

Even though class balance is far from perfect, I would like to see this bracket last much longer too. Because like Lurvi said it is almost a mini-vanilla AoC, no AA, no RF rings, no raid gear etc. It’s a very different experience from the lvl 80 pvp we’ve had all these years and I appreciate that very much.


feels like only PvP Event farmer, pvplvl shopper and peeps for rewards want to go to 80 as fast as possible.

The ones who want “even” PvP want to stay on 79.

I don’t care at all, cause i’m just here for the reward and farming some EoS. But as the toon is transfered to Fury, i don’t mind playing him further than for the reward.

Thanksgiving week is coming up and I’ll be in china meeting with my sponsors (JK!!) For 10 days. I don’t plan to play until 26th. I imagine alot of players are in similar positions. I would love not to miss the level 80 activities.

Not many of us will be in China lol