Poll Redo: Vote here on your opinion on the 79 bracket. Let the devs know what you think!



No thanks. I want the 80 to come on Thursday so that I can finally finish the quest to get the vanity items, then my goal is to get to PvP 10 and drop off the server. I didn’t play to pvp really so much as the vanity items, the pvp gear, and account-wide achievements. I don’t like pvp at all so it will be a relief when I no longer have to do it.


Hell yes !

I was really hyped at the idea of a vanilla PVP mode that was announced years ago along with the crafting revamp. A longer 79 cap is probably the closest thing we can get now.


You can do this any time. People are having fun and activity high…Why rush to close?


Hi go vote

  • Extend Level Cap 79 through the weekend
  • Level Cap 80 this Thursday

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Level Cap 80: Thursday, November 15

will you have voting for everything? give us lvl 79 full pvp set:

  1. Yes - 100%
  2. No - 0%. Do it!


My god, you’ve cracked the code


nice try to evade :smiley:


I’m very squirrely


Enough of low lvl - it was very disappointing to me - do not do it anymore let us 80


Agreed with Konsul. im tired of playing mellee char without protection.


While the vote is close at this time, it also does not include a lot of players that are not playing until the cap is raised AND not hitting the forums.


its 50/50 which means we leave things as they are. 79 lvl bracket is damn boring so lets bring some action at 80lvl


Should be more clarity on “extend level cap 79 through the weekend” as to the actual date it would be extended to before going up to 80. Does this mean lvl 80 would happen on Monday?


i hope if voting goes like 51-49 for extending,they`ll not do it


Give us more time! cash shop pvp xp is too much

lvl 10 necros, poms and rangers will rule the universe if you unlock 80 tomorrow.


I have the ring aas and my full t3 pvp armor in the bank and I still don’t want the level cap raised. To o much cheese mode nonsense in the end game bracket


You are pvp 6 already so you will be fine. I am at pvp 2 level and I dont complain because we’ll claim t1 pvp set, t2 accessories and t3 cloak. We are ready for 80lvl


Based on the results of the two polls here, plus the Facebook and Twitter polls, it looks like you want the level cap raised to 80 tomorrow! It was really close and, honestly, @Spreadicus’ poll acted as a tiebreaker since it was otherwise dead even on our other polls. Thanks for voting :slight_smile:


spreadicus poll atm says 46% wanted it to go 80 and the rest wanted lvl 79 for an extended amount of time… meaning 54% wanted extended time…?

how did spreadicus’s thread act as a tiebreaker in the wrong direction then?