Poll Redo: Vote here on your opinion on the 79 bracket. Let the devs know what you think!



We ended up cutting out responses that said “I want to extend forever” or “Make it a month”. At most, we would have extended it through the weekend and upped the cap on the 20th instead of today; based on the vote and the comments we saw, we’re keeping with the original plan. I’m sorry if that’s not what you were looking for!

(also please don’t insert political commentary, even as an aside)


Also, there’s 2 threads essentially about same topic, so I’m merging them.


I knew all those alternatives for a simple “extend” would come back and bite us in the ■■■ :rofl: need to teach spreadicus that more is not always more! Nice initiative to embrace voting tho FC!


no biggie, it was only a week, but it was a unique opportunity we won’t be getting in the near future

ty for listening though FC.

oh and btw, happy slithering farming guys


why should we bother ourselves to farm slithering?) ~2 weeks server is closing, i`m ok with pvp rings for that time :smiley:


Aaaaannnd just as I said would happen, Everyone who has max aas and pvp 10 gear is steamrolling everyone else. Good job funcom. Way to sell out.


In this case I’m gonna have to agree completely.

Worse without bori rocks I see catching up and providing competition to be almost impossible for EU. The USA side seems like it may have some balance yet.


funny,very funny, ofc when u were zerging respads while events were going in SAME location, you have zero aa and pvp lvl :smiley:


I thought server would be up a little longer…

what date does it end?


If you dont have the most important aas at this point and or are below pvp lvl 7-8 youve done it wrong. A few festivals to save victory tokens and vials to use with the xp doubles at 80 + the dailys. The ammount of tokens earned on this server is sick. Conquests can be turned in for prowess too u know…

But, if you use ur time fighting in global, zerg resspads or farm mats when you could lvl up… then its just like we told u so…