Poll: Which Hyborian Age god's avatar do you think will be the final one?

  • Ahriman
  • Bel
  • Dagon/Dagoth
  • Erlik
  • Gwahlur
  • Hanuman
  • Ibis
  • Ishtar
  • Jhebbal Sag
  • The True Gods (elements)
  • Xotli
  • Yag-Kosha
  • Zath
  • Other

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Gods and god-like beings from the Hyborian Age compiled from these sources:


Note that this thread is just us trying to guess which avatar we will still get, as the final avatar is more than likely already pretty much done, but perhaps the developers may get some ideas from the discussion. I tried picking the most obvious choices, as well as a few interesting-sounding ones.

The full list of gods and god-like beings from the sources listed above:

Adonis, Ahriman, Ailing, Ajujo, Al'Kiir, Anu, Ashtoreth, Asura, Badb, Bardisattva, Bel, Bente, Bori/Borri, Dagda, Dagon/Dagoth, Damballah, Diancecht, ik, Golden Peacock, Gwahlur, Hanuman, Hawk-God of Harakht, Ibis, Ilas, Ishtar, Jhebbal Sag, Jhil, Jullah, Kali, Lir, Macha, Mannanan mac Lir, Morrigan, Nebethet, Nemain, Nergal, Pteor, Selene Gallio, The True Gods, Thog, Wiccana, Xotli, Yajur, Yama, Yag-Kosha, Yezud, Yun, Zath

Jhebbal Sag. We can choose to be a Pict in character generation, and as far as I know, the Picts all worship the Sag.

Plus, Jhebbal Sag plays well into the Beastmaster/taming mechanics, should we get them.

If not Jhebbal Sag, then Zath or Hanuman.

Joel Bylos gave an interview to Dual Shockers last Spring. In that interview, where he talked about what FC wanted to do with buildings, thralls, mounts, and weather, he also talked about gods that were on his list. At the time only Crom, Set, Mitra, and Yog were in the game. He specifically mentions Ymir, Derketo, Jhebbal Sag, and Zath. Since then, Ymir has released and Derketo has been confirmed by FC. I would be very surprised if the next god is neither Jhebbal Sag nor Zath.

Here is the interview for those interested. Discussion about potential new gods starts around minute 32. Please remember that this interview is a year old now.


Before Sorcery got the axe, I’d have said Jhebbal Sag hands down. There’s an NPC wandering around that talks a bit about him, even asking if you want to know more / walk the path. The entire Dogs of the Desert faction seems like they’d be solid worshippers, even giving an example of shapeshifting powers. If each religion filled a different role, Jheb would fit taming and beastmastery perfectly.

Still leaning towards Jhebbal Sag, but Zath has a chance. If only for the ridonkulous amount of spiders.

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Isnt Jhebbal Sag only a lesser god?

I picked what seemed like the most obvious choices, as well as a good number of the more interesting-sounding ones as well, and added an actual poll to the OP, so now people can actually vote!


Jhebbal Sag and Bel were found in the game code a while ago IIRC

Didn’t Joel speak about some kind of advantage given by gods a while ago ? using some sort of imunity to spider for zath worshipper as example ?

Yes, but I do not know if that was ever fleshed out. There was talk about making the religions more unique through these features (like snakes not attacking Set worshippers), but I don’t know if it was anything more than a vision for how they wanted religion to work.

as long polytheism is terminated, i will be happy

Tho i still feel like we will see some great “Behind the scene” stuff may 8^^

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i see there are many players who prefer monotheism! And i agree, polytheism should be removed and your religion decision should be a real thing! Or as long as you follow more then 1 god you will be never able to have T3 altar


I think it should be possible to learn several religions, but only the one you start with should be able to have T3 altars. Maybe the 2.nd one you learn is possible to build to T2 and the rest only T1. Make sence imo. Like irl you can have knowledge of more than one religion, but its rare to have real knowledge in many.