[POLL] - Would you support a global wipe on the Online Official PvP servers once undermesh access is fully addressed?

thats it! we need less offiicial PvP servers and schedule wipe dates. maybe increase the slots on 60 players per server?
+1 for wipe

I can accept this in lieu of a total wipe. This idea needs more pushing.

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I would totally dig that but I think 60 slots is too many for an Official at this point. After running 40 slots from a dedicated machine I’m starting to see the levels of complexity. There are high-spec Privates at 75 players and I’m hoping to be invited one day, I hear the buildings are like old-world Damascus!

That will kill the servers :frowning: at this moment when players count is over 20 the lag and server fps are bad. Freeze at every 3 min, I think we have this discussion premature, first the game needs to be stable then we shod suggest what to do, at this point game is unplayable at some points. You do not put the “Cart before the horse”

The only people that cry for wipes are people that dont have much time invested into the server. A wipe would make more people leave than come back, the people that have already given up on the game did so for more reasons than just undermeshed bases. God the undermesh base like we do simple u wont get the loot but who cares.

I think there are a couple of things that could be tried by Funcom to eradicate the existing under-meshed exploit bases before taking the drastic step of wiping the official PvP servers.

A) ensure that there is a no build zone in the known glitch build spots under the mesh so new placeables/building pieces can not be put down in the known areas then B) do a one-off destruction of every characters bed and bedroll so people can not use death and resurrecting under the mesh at their bed/bedroll to renew timers. (As they can not put down NEW beds/bedrolls in those areas, then they can’t just replace them from items stored inside the exploit base)

C) make a magma lake or acid lake under the map in those locations that does not touch players walking on the surface but does kill anyone who glitches into the area they are not meant to be.

D) [this one is exteme as it would affect innocent legitimate players who built on the surface above an under-mesh zone] code so that the known undermeshed areas can not be approached by players close enough to renew timers for 9 days ie atleast 24 hours longer than a base can exist without renewal and then remove that code… Eg surround and fill the areas with the green wall of death, make acid or lava lakes in the areas which are “no build zones “ so people can not build bridges/structures over them to bypass the restrictions, code unclimbable pillars over them.

E) make the undermeshed zones “fall through the world” areas … ie you glitch into them you go through a loading screen and end up at one of the desert starting zone spawn points.

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This sounds like a really clever solution! While it might be a pain for a brand new character to make a new bed, for established characters, the materials needed to make even dozens of new beds would be trivial.

Don’t think there will ever be a final solution to this. Can just fight locations and methods step by step.

Nuke 'em till they glow

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It would also be necessary to respawn everyone outside of their base in a known-good location for this to work. Otherwise, if someone spawns inside an undermeshed base with their bed/roll destroyed, they could just make a new one there, then bracelet to the desert.

Instead, with the beds destroyed (or recalled to each player’s inventory), they could also be

A) Respawned in the gameworld at a nearby location that is not part of anyone’s landclaim.


B) Respawned in the desert but given invisibility/immunity for a brief time so that they can reach home. During this grace period, players would be unable to interact with or damage items/structures/players/thralls belonging to players not in their clan.

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This is genius.

  • Fix the undermesh problem.
  • Make announcement with a week’s time (respawn timer length), every person who logs in sees the message as a ‘Server Message.’ "In one week’s time, all beds and bedrolls will be unassigned and undermeshing will be eliminated. Please store your items appropriately, as you will be spawned outside of your base on (DATE AND TIME, TIMEZONE, ETC)."
  • After seven days pass, spawn all players outside of their bases and either a.) delete all bedrolls/beds (extreme) or b.) unassign them all so that people cannot respawn inside their undermeshed bases.

Veni vidi vici! I love it.


In my opinion, for destruction of beds and bedrolls to be effective it would be contingent upon the first condition I listed being successfully implemented … that the undermeshed areas were coded as NO BUILD zones so that new beds/bedrolls could NOT be placed there

I think the servers should be wiped, there is still a metric ton of duped material on some servers. They stopped the dupe but the items are still there, and need to be purged.

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For that, they need to fix dupping first, wipes now won’t have any effect because dupping still exist.

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They do?

If you are aware of methods, have you reported these through the Exploit Hunters program yet?

Yes, they do, I don’t know exactly the method, but I’ve seen and been told that some players already sent to exploit hunters, and these players say they didnt got responses, and therefore dupping is still there.

Lets hope FC is able to track it down when they focus on exploit extermination patch.

Closing the poll. Thank you for the votes, and the great discussion!

Keep the servers as they are, once a server is dead, convert half the PVP servers to being wipe servers on different cycles (1 month, 3 months, 6 months) - also use this as a chance to remove a bunch of servers and keep populations healthy

Because undermeshers can wipe your progress and there will be nothing you can do against that.

The concept and rules describing ‘Under-meshed building pieces’ can inadvertently also apply to normal, innocently placed, building pieces when placed on rocks, towers, etc. As we all know, inadvertently removing a foundation piece will cause issues to say the least.

A script removing all beds and bedrolls, though very feasible and effective as described above, additional code to address under-meshing will likely be the biggest issue And that issue will cause many bases and builds that have any ‘grey’ placements, not intended as under-meshed, but that fulfill the under-mesh conditions to de-spawn and leave broken bases all over a map.
Anyone that has played on a modded servers with unique, custom foundation pieces will have experienced this: when the mod is removed then all mod pieces de-spawn. Anything on top of those pieces also break.
It makes more sense to do a wipe which will remove all instances of current grief/abuse.