[PoM] Can Someone Explain Spellweaving Better than the Tool Tip?

Started playing a week ago after hitting 80 yesterday, I decided to clean up my action bars. I found Spellweaving hidden between some useless buttons. The tool tip is extremely vague though it seems like it could be incredibly useful?

Spellweaving (SW) is a very useful ability. Basically staying in SW provides:

  1. an increasing positive buff (up to 6 rank max) to various defensive and offensive stats depending on time you stay on spellweaving. You will increase your SW rank clicking one of SW spells popping on the screen for 10 seconds (if I’m not wrong) during this time. The SW spell bar will show in a random time not over 60 seconds from a previous one, but it can be easily triggered in less than 60 seconds.
  2. the access to unique spells/abilities eacht time the SW bar shows up. Some of them are very useful in many fights, like critical rating 100% buff for demo/necro, mana regen or damage shield or knockback smite for pom and so on
  3. on downside, a debuff on you giving some malus (losing mana, health). Even this one can be triggered random, sometime can be heavy.
  4. You can’t move in SW, but you gain knockback immunity, but not fear immunity.


  1. The ability can (and should) be used every time it’s possible and it’s profiteable to you and the group using it (assuming you’re doing a group content). So there’s not a fix rule, it depends from circumstances and encounters, and your skills as player (even to enter and go out SW very fast), but SW is widely used by every experienced player. In some encounters it’s almost mandatory for all bonus provided.
  2. The trick to sustain a prolongued or indefinite SW is keeping mana and health up (mana in particular cause the malus buffs and the increased use during SW) and keeping the energy bar up (if you will lose all energy, you will start to lose healt). There’s a SW spell (the first one on the top of the SW bar) providing an energy amount cause you will deplete constantly energy staying in SW (there’s an aa ability helping a bit to increase energy) and for you as, pom, all mana regen/replenishing stat/abilites/spells and a good mana pool will help you to keep the SW up.

Mana regen, mana compsuntion is a classic weakness of many casters, pom in particular. A good build, khitai+ gear, aa will help u to mitigate or basically almost resolve this.


If you want to find out yourself what buffs you can gain by clicking on the icon bar on the left of your screen, that pops up randomly like Malediluna said, go into spellweave, wait for it to pop, and leftclick on the icons while holding shift. Go out of SW and read the tooltips. If I remember correctly most of the Poms buffs are not very interesting, mana, energy…but the second from the top (Mitras Thunder? something like that) adds a kick to two of your casts for 12 seconds. If you time the casts right you can pin a mob to the ground constantly. You can even leave SW and move to a better position if needed, the buff will last as long as its timer says (top of the screen buffs).

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Yes, Mitra’s Thunder (or something) is the kb smite.

Just a small addition to my previous post and yours:

  1. cause you can’t use potions during SW, be sure to use them just before to enter in SW cause it helps for what said before.

Thank you for taking the time to give very detailed information. This sounds mandatory now that I’ll be grouping.

There are four spellweaving classes: Necro, Demo, PoM and ToS. When in spellweave, you cannot move or turn, so you have to get in the right position before you start. Also there is a small period after you start that you cannot drop out, so you cannot stop and start at will. In fights that are very mobile, you likely won’t be using SW at all.

The spellweave bar that pops when spellweaving is different for each class, except the top icon is always Arcane Renewal, which is an energy renewal buff that enables you to stay in SW longer. Mitra’s Thunder mentioned earlier is only on the PoM spellweave bar. BTW, you cannot move the spellweave bar, nor can you hotbar any of the buffs on it, so you should set up your ui so that nothing blocks it when it pops .And be prepared to move your mouse cursor quickly over the icon you want when it appears (for me, this is very frustrating, because sometimes I can’t find my cursor in time).


Spellweaving buttons from top to down:

  1. Arcane Renewal
    Renews 6 points of current energy every 1 second for 6.5 seconds.
  2. Arcane Surge
    Maximum damage on every spell for 10 seconds, recast is 20 seconds.
  3. Mitra’s Grace
    +15% Magical Mana Tap for 15 seconds.
  4. Mitra’s Thunder
    Instant knockback on Rebuke and Smite for 20 seconds, recast is 20 seconds.
  5. Benelvolence of Mitra
    +15 Damage Deflection for 10 seconds, recast is 20 seconds.

Spellweaving buff effects on 6 stacks:

-150 Natural energy regeneration, removes 1 point of current energy.
+7% Base Spell Damage.
+30% Spell Critical Damage on Sacred Fire.
+40% Spell Critical Damage on Smite.
+60% Spell Critical Damage on Cleansing Fire, Condemnation, Lance of Mitra, Mitra’s Searing Eye, Rebuke.
+1.5% Spell Critical Chance on Sacred Fire.
+2% Spell Critical Chance on Smite.
+3% Spell Critical Chance on Condemnation, Lance of Mitra, Mitra’s Searing Eye.
+5% Spell Critical Chance on Cleansing Fire, Rebuke.
+2 Splash Radius on Cleansing Fire.
+3 Splash Radius on Smite.
+3.3 Splash Radius on Mitra’s Searing Eye.
+4 Splash Radius on Sacred Fire.
+4.3 Splash Radius on Condemnation.
+15% Splash Damage on Cleansing Fire.
+22.5% Splash Damage on Mitra’s Searing Eye.
+30% Splash Damage on Lance of Mitra, Rebuke.
+35% Splash Damage on Condemnation.
+40% Splash Damage on Sacred Fire.
+45% Splash Damage on Smite.
+2 Splash Damage Max Targets on Lance of Mitra, Mitra’s Searing Eye, Smite.
+3 Splash Damage Max Targets on Sacred Fire.
+5 Splash Damage Max Targets on Condemnation.
+20 Splash Damage Max Targets on Cleansing Fire.
+200% Increase to damage or healing on Spellweaving cost.