Pom soul of mitra

I am not a pom specialist… but isnt soul of mitra a lvl 80 only spell???

Is there any way that a lvl 40 pom can have this???

Cuz i saw today a pom on saga using this in HV mini.

The gm tells me u can get this in max combo/spells at pvp vendor? But i dont think u can get it and even if you could you would have to be 80 to use it i guess… so gm says atm this is not suspect…

Im not gonna mention the poms name here tho.
If there is an easy explanation i will withdraw my post and crwl back to my cave.

The reason why that worked was even i bought larger inventory on some toons to stack more aa items. So one way or the other they made money out of this mechanic still… hope too its just a bug. And I am amazed they should play their own game to better know it. Edit Wrong topic: should be your aa topic :sunglasses:

Yeah😊 the gm i talked to didnt seem to have a clue either.

Ive had 7 pages of inventory with theese goodies waitin to pop a xp pot too. And now they r sayin it has never worked like that… :blush: yeah right

The pvp vendor books are definitely “requires 80 to use” so that’s BS and that’s not even where you get Soul of Mitra lol I don’t remember when you get it though, is it really 80?

The fact the guy is second on the leaderboard is an absolute joke though.

edit : Pvp vendor sells rebuke and repulse r6, that’s all. And both require 80 to use. I logged my old pom to check*.

Soul of Mitra is a level 80 spell and should not be available for these players, there is no way to get it before that level by buying books or something like that. I guess it’s just some leftover bug(-part) from that mess that happened a week (or 2?) ago where people got level 80 feats due to the bug.
PvP vendors only sell Rebuke and Repulse spell books for PoMs, they can only be used as level 80 characters. So yeah, they are still using a bug, not sure what to do, seems like reporting them will not work if the GMs don’t know which spell you are talking about nor know when this spell should be available.

Uve seen it too then​:blush::ok_hand:t2:

And GM is saying it nothing suspect about it😊 they rly take the game an population serious dont they… omg.

And we pay money for this BS!

Did you take a screenshot of this?

No, didnt bother, i was busy tryin to kill him. Tryin only seemed to retribute dps back on me tho🙈 but im sure well see it again soon🙈

I doubt a screenie would make any difference to gms tho… since they clearly believe this is as intended. And can be aquiered in max combo/spell books.

I guess we all know by now that funcom doesnt really care. Ppl have long ago stopped reporting theese issues cuz the lack of interest from fc. I mean the real issues.

Ppl are crying all day about speedhacks etc. Only a small % of the reported issues are real. Even myself are getting hacktells every day about speed, dps hacks etc. Lol if ppl only knew the noobness of my computerskills🤣 i cant even make Theese script things work😂 Most ppl r clueless of gamemechanics tho… thats obvious

But when a lvl 40 char is running around with 80 spells today and funcom knows about the issue a couple of weeks ago, they rly should react. Im telling you. The GM didnt care at all. He would look into it But it didnt seem suspicious at the moment was his exact words👌🏻 In my world that kinda means ‘yeah right whatever…’


The only spells available from the pvp vendor are repulse and rebuke so its unlikely he got it from there. Seems like a glitch from the server fiasco might have been the cause of this. I was just wondering if this player was indeed using soul of mitra and not some other spell that looks similar if any exists, that’s why I asked for a screenshot. You say you were busy killing him but you can’t kill a player with soul running.

Yeah edited that

It was the spell 100%:blush: and i can tell u ingame about some others that saw the same thing. A felliw necro was there with me and he ended up killing him instantly when spell was finished after 20 secs. That was his guildy tho​:blush:

My saga char is natti

Gif me atell and ill tell u all about it

The only similar thing imo is the gullahbuff and the jhebba sag buff. This eas in HV and the guy was stunned for the period

on screenshot u can clearly see PoM using Soul of Mitra even tho guy who took photo didnt target him.Also there is sin from same guild using DWW on lvl 40. GMs any thoughts or youll still leave it without responce

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Hide the name or it will be removed.

you mean i should hide the name of PoM and all other names in raid?
but what`s the point of the screen then?))

Just the pom’s should do (see what happened to the other thread where that picture was posted). I don’t make the rules :stuck_out_tongue:


A member of “united sploit boys”. What a surprise.

As far as i know gms has now taken action against this player.

Keep reporting theese things to the gms guys! They r listening. I didnt think so but they r.