Pom swords Why can't we have them?

Yes I know there are a lot of other things for developers to do but why can’t we have POM swords. Yag has a wisdom sword and I have seen others. Why are we stuck with 1 hand blunts for raid weapons. I know it seems frivolous but it irritates me . I am sick of looking at 1hand blunts they are boring, ugly and the vanity replacements for them are too


You could use a staff as well

Maniacal Harm as a vanity doesnt Look boring, especially on a pom

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Solution > Change to Dagger:

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Maniacal Harm is one of the ugliest weapon in this game! :face_vomiting:

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Expensive vanity :money_mouth_face:

you are ugly, manical <3

Because PoMs are healers, their maintask is to save life and not pursuit death. They are more about stunning targets with some broken rips then slashing arms off.

Ok, I see… I guess you also love the Fearless Soul helm. :laughing:

Dragon King one!

I See the pixar intro is on your mind :smiley:

This one? :smile:

Bah ofc I know we can use dagger and staff. I want swords ! Pom statues have swords , big swords in fact. I want swords too. I was hoping some developer would have tossed us a sword in onslaught weapons but no. :scream: Maniacal Harm , it is indeed hideous It looks like someone stole some old man’s walking cane and decided to make a weapon of it

The Unholy Combat Priest
It is like the Dark Side of the brute Force

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Well, that’s how my PoM looks right now… :laughing: