Pools and Irritate

There was no mention of the disappearing Mysterious Figurines in the 3.0.2 patch notes. I have a guess why this is an issue.

The big challenge to a Pools of the Grey Ones summons is that the summoner has agro everything summoned. Any followers or other players cannot take agro from the summoner. My guess that the first Authority perk Irritate negated this and allowed any follower to take agro. Funcom’s workaround was to make any figurine disappear when picked up. If and when they figure out how to disable the Irritate perk in the Pools, the figurine disappearing “bug” will be removed.

An acknowledgement or denial of this by Funcom would be welcome, but is not expected.

Did anyone test the Pools with the Irritate perk before 3.0 went live?

I like to get back to perfecting my “nutmeg the Krllyandian” strategy.

I’m sorry but the figurines disappearing in your inventory isn’t Funcom’s way to fix anything. It’s a simple bug and they will fix it after they have fixed the more important problems. Every bug gets prioritized, some are more important to fix than others.

You have been capable of disabling the irritate perk for your thralls since TestLive (before 3.0 was released on Sept 1st). Simply long-hold the interact button and choose to disable it on your current follower. Please put your tinfoil hat away.

Funcom seems to have fixed the figurine bug with todays 2nd patch. I haven’t had a chance to test it at the pools.

I know how to disable Irritate. The question is: will irritate work in the Pools. If it works there, the follower will taunt the summoned mobs off the player character and make the Pools much less challenging.

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