Poor security on official servers

Game mode: [Online Ofifcial Server PVP]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance]
Region: [America]

We’ve been looking for a body vault player for a long time in official Server.
Yesterday we were about to kill him and we were chasing him.
When we cornered him, he just did something on his computer, because he just restarted the official server in less than 1 minute while he was running, when the server started again, it was impossible to find the body vault player again, because the body disappears with the server restart.

It is impressive how easy they can bring down the official servers and the poor security they have against this type of attack on their servers

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Find body vault player
  2. try to kill him
  3. Body vault player reboots the server
  4. his body disappears when the server starts again

So you are saying he hacked a official ps4 server with his computer?

Sure, they launch DDOS attacks or some similar attack on the server, which causes the server to restart, there is no other explanation, we were about to kill him and when he felt cornered, he simply caused the server to restart while escaping and he no longer reconnected so that his body would disappear.

I have heard people say that they can restart the server with harps and trebuchet bases, but this Portuguese player causes the server to restart with computer attacks in less than 1 minute.

body vault + DDOS attacks = invincible player

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That really a sad thing. You could report to Zendesk but you would need some solid proof and I don’t know what they could do.


Thanks, I’ll try to raise the report there. I have a 1 hour recording where we are chasing this player and it causes the server to restart. I hope this is proof enough.

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Sounds good.

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