Poor server stability. Will this ever be resolved?

One of the main reasons people are leaving Conan Exiles is due to poor server stability. I once hosted a rank 1 server. We had 60-70 pop on average. As a server admin, i noticed the number one reason players leave is due to server wipes. I could not keep my server running for more then a month without server FPS dropping to 2-4. Hosting the server longer than a month eventually caused the server to just keep crashing. I had tons of scripts running in order to prolong server life, but with my servers very high pop, it did not help all that much. I was also paying 220+ dollars a month for my server, although this was a bit overkill due to Conan Exiles not utilizing all cores. I realize CE is ran on UE4, which is to blame for these issues. However, is there NOTHING that can be done about this? If it wasn’t for this issue, i would have still had my server running and countless people who i saw quit the game would still be playing, because in truth this is an amazing game…with abysmall server stability issues.

So my question is. Will funcom ever fix server stability???

I don’t think it’s funcom. It’s g portal, the server host company

You didn’t read what i had posted, did you?

Concerns like this would be more relevant if Funcom wasn’t do anything. But when you say things like, “will Funcom ever fix server stability,” you hint that you feel they aren’t doing anything. Which is categorically wrong.

There have been numerous performance fixes the last several patches, including a server specific related one just a month or two ago. Funcom has always considered performance and stability to be an on-going, permanent high priority item to work on.

UE4 isn’t entirely the culprit either for a lack of utilizing “all cores.” The vast majority of games out there, including the most modern ones, still utilize a single core the most. UE4 has multi-core features, but they are more of a side note, where they just temporarily accept a task and move it to the main core. Multi-core usage continues to be better utilized in different fields, rather then gaming. Games will eventually get there, but as of today, not much has changed in the field of multi-core versus single.

In summary, server performance will never be truly “fixed.” It will never be perfect. But there have been efforts and results, and future efforts will continue to happen so long as Funcom sees opportunities there. They must be doing something right, as there have been numerous recent 70 pop servers running around the clock for several months now.

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