Population growth is needed!

Guys I have not played in a year due to lack of population to be honest. I’d like that say if they say the 3.0 is “big” as they say it is then they should also consider making the game possibly free for a couple of weeks for all platforms for when they roll it out. Most of the time they just get some decent twitch streamers to get views on twitch. But Ithink if they have some interesting new things coming out that might cause old and new players to look to comeback /try it out, might as well make it free for anyone that’s playing with old players in any games they re currently playing and some how engage new players to sticking around by Possibly even throw more events for pvp servers especially with gather rates since you re most likely being wiped. They really need that as their main focus besides all the patches they really doing because I promise you this game can be bigger than ark and rust and any other survival game if they had just mass players playing it and making it affordable or free for period of time . Just saying I’ve played the game for 3 years and when ever I want to come back I just see same players I’ve already fought or just not that many new players/clans. Maybe making more noob friendly servers and people with not much time servers by making like some servers with dynamic building damage on and make it like if you haven’t been on 2-3 hours even during raid you can’t get offline wiped or even official servers with weekend only because the whole admin thing sucks can never really trust it. And let be more easy going with land claim bans for pvp . Imagine working really hard to make your base protected to only get banned because you want to make your base hard to raid cause you can’t be on every SINGLE DAY to defend from a raid. Like I don’t get what’s the point of really farming and building if you can’t make it it defendable from offline raids. I don’t know maybe make the game better optimized if that’s your excuse for banning people lol.

Also maybe making servers with just 5 people in clan allowed only . Like try new things with servers . Possibly even make weapons more balanced this whole dagger meta is basically the same as when you were able to posion the old claws and spam light attacks. AND THE NEW CLAWs dog fr like when they nerf any weapon like legendary weapons the nerf them to the point of it not being usuable the only one weapon that nerfed right was yogs touch like what lol .

Be nice if they consolidated some official servers to increase population.

Could give a months warning on the servers being shut down so people can transfer.

Would also be cool if they made a few officials pvp servers like a regular one month wipe.

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Out of curiosity, how effective would server wipes be if players can pick up all undamaged building pieces, hold them on their body until the wipe, and rebuild their base?

Maybe replacing some of the music with Barry White would help repopulate the servers. :thinking:

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In a word: Time.

“Out of curiosity, how effective would server wipes be if players can pick up all undamaged building pieces, hold them on their body until the wipe, and rebuild their base?”

Everything is wiped including inventories or even delete all characters.

Disable server transfers to the 30 day servers.

Increase times such as thrall break speed and increase harvesting to x2 or something.

I know ark has 30 day official servers and they are a lot of fun

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Not Ark.

A past wipe, for the release of Frozen North, wiped everything but levels and mayyybe feats.

I was running down the river from the Pirate Ship one minute, fast forward one download later, I was nekked barely surviving on the same riverbank.

A wipe of underperforming servers would put a lot of butts in the soup… uh seats.


Yeah but they need to just grow the game anyway they can it’s not dead but it’s also not alive either it’s just whatever same people from 2 years ago is all I see

Oh yeah lets make it free to play and then add loot boxes! And a store where you can pay $10 for an armor piece! Oh and pay to unlock the north and the jungle. Funcom should just scrap charging for the game and bleed the players dry with every little thing.

Or not.

Ooh ooh ooh. I have an idea for monetization. FC could charge for protection from being admin wiped.

“That’s a nice mega-base you got there. Shame if something happened to it.”


That’s gold. And if you dont pay, first your character loses a pinky


Lmaoo aye man we just need pop growth and the game would be crazy lit hopefully the 3.0 patch gets everyone back fr

I wouldn’t mind paying a few $ for some skin variations of the darfari light armor for example.

Same stats, same level, same crafting, just different looks.

But since Funcom especially has lost my trust, I will never ever again spend money on their products.

But besides pop growth they need to be more lenient for bases they literally need to stop destroying full bases and maybe only take out what’s considered to much . Like why farm to get wiped by funcom lol…… why farm if they want you to be wiped fast af and not have a base that defends its self from offline wipes I’m so confused

:roll_eyes:Uhhhhhhhhh isn’t that what daggers are for :wink:

Historically there seems only to be a couple of ways to attract new players to a game.

  1. Word of mouth :lips: And this is often limited to what are perceived as new types of games - PUBG for example. Last Man Standing Battle Royal was perceived by most people as “something new” so spread by WOM.

  2. Advertising. Lots and lots of flashy and interesting advertising - EVERYWHERE. :stuck_out_tongue:

They need to make servers wipe after 5 months as well so they don’t have to keep banning people for land claim issues makes it too much work for them. That way it also makes people go into different servers and take out all these inactive servers make it a bit more congested…

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