Porked thralls bug

Pork buff adds and doesn’t wear off so thralls end up with 700% damage or something. Those thralls one shot you with an arrow when you come close of his owner


The word “unplayable” gets thrown around far too much. If this is the state of the game–and it’s a bug rather than an exploit–why aren’t you doing the same thing? Let your thralls duke it out. Think outside the box.

Because, at least I’m speaking from my own opinion here, playing to the exploit as opposed to it just simply being addressed is not proper game balancing whatsoever. I don’t find CE unplayable but I do find the state of the game being in a very depressing state. For the nice it has brought it brings a lot, and I mean a LOT, of issues to the table.


Because abusing a bug is the definition of “exploit”.


The ‘pork’ bug has been officially reported a couple of times and FC have said it is on their ‘List’ so watch for the next Patch (I guess…). Till it is patched, well, that’s up to player discretion (our nuclear missile threat seem to have been treated similarly in this world - pity a patch ain’t dealing that)

Certainly not making the game unplayable, just a challenge. Kinda like how we played back when Climbing was not a thing and suddenly walls needed more thought. Pork in thrall feed stations (or gruel) and Asuras Glory for Horses. Saves time.


Can’t seem to reproduce this bug. Don’t get me wrong, I have no interest in exploiting, but I’d rather know how to use it in case someone uses it against me. I don’t want to be unable to retaliate and hold my breath until Funcom fixes it.

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Did you log out at all? I’m not 100% sure how it works, but I think you have to stay logged in the whole time.

Nah, I didn’t log out. I tried feeding pork rinds to a thrall and waiting it out and the buff vanished. I also tried feeding him several rinds in a row, still no stacking, and dropping a full stack into his inventory and taking him with me didn’t make his damage increase noticeably beyond the first 25%.

If the bug hasn’t yet been reported, sure. If you have an unfair advantage over another player–more specifically, if you are taking advantage of a bug or quirk in the game’s code that few others know about–then yes, it’s an exploit. This gorram thing has been on these forums for some time now. Started as a bug report, and now it’s people crying “unplayable”.

It’s been public knowledge for some time as a known bug, hence, not an exploit. Move along.

You can try to justify cheating any way you want, but words have meaning and you can’t change them just because you don’t want to be honest with yourself.



Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue and it’s been fixed internally. It’ll come out with the next update. No ETA yet.
Thanks for the feedback.


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