Possible Bug: Contents of preservation box disappearing after restart

Map: Siptah

This is a local, single person game. No server involved.

I had a preservation box on the bottom floor of my base standing on foundations. No problems. Moved my preservation box upstairs, sitting on ceiling tiles. After a restart of the game, preservation box was empty, entire contents disappeared.

I went to get some more ice, put some meat in it. Several minutes later the game crashed. After restarting the game: preservation box was empty again.

Regards, C.


Break the damn fridge, it is eating tour food m8.
Personally I never experienced something like it, it looks like a damn solo bug. When I was reading this kind of posts in the past, I was thinking… No way.
But, yes way, these things happen, I would dismantle the preservation box for starters and fix a new one to check if the problem continues.

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I’ve been experiencing this [same?] bug since patch 2.6, never had it before… except I don’t have a preservation box yet, all my stuff is disappearing from wooden boxes (you know, the ones you make at the start of the game.

Local, single player. Lots of mods. I haven’t tested this in a game without mods yet.

At first I thought it must be a mod issue, as I first noticed stuff disappearing from the building backpacks you make from the “Builder’s Workbench Extended (Builder’s Workbench Reborn Addon)” mod. But then stuff started going missing from my wooden boxes.

The first time it happened was after a restart from the main menu, but when I next restarted from having completely quit the game, it had reappeared!

The next time it happened, I added some more stuff to the ‘empty’ wooden box to see what would happen. After quitting and restarting, my original inventory reappeared but the stuff I added never reappeared.

CLUE???: I noticed that when the box was ‘empty’ it said “Owner: None” even though I have created a clan for myself and all my other containers displayed my clan’s name as usual (at least, all those I checked). When the stuff reappeared after a restart, the clan name was once again displayed properly.

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@Robarbarian , These all leads to @Croms_Faithful bug report, building is not allowed here.
He had these issues in single player ps4.
Yet I will say the same to you too, break the chests and fix new ones.

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I experienced a similar bug on testlive (also singleplayer, but unmodded in this instance) - after a crash one of my wooden boxes showed up empty. I started using it for other stuff, then after a restart all the original contents reappeared. I can’t say for sure if the stuff added in between vanished or not - but the ‘reappearance after restart’ element makes me think it’s substantially the same effect. For what it’s worth, it hasn’t happened again since (and I’m pretty sure I’m probably using the same box - but it probably has been picked up and placed back down a few times since then - which may (or may not…) have the same effect as breaking it like @stelagel suggests).

I didn’t notice whether or not mine said ‘No owner’ - I don’t think it did, but I may just not have noticed - but that sounds similar to a bug that’s been reported by a few of the console guys since the patch:

The good news is, it sounds like it’s understood and being sorted. (I’m not sure if that covers the issue with preservation boxes as well, or not - hopefully @CeeDee’s report gets added to the data they are using, assuming it’s directly related :slight_smile: )


I actually spawned in a brand new wooden box from admin and chucked some stuff in it to see… but it disappeared too.

Strangely, after a period of this happening yesterday it seems to have stopped occurring, for now at least. No idea why.

It does make one a little nervous putting things in containers, but at least in SP you can admin stuff to replace anything missing. The bigger issue is trying to remember exactly what I have put into any particular container…


Yea it’s to bad that there are no admins on official servers. I really am just sick of Funcom and the games being trashed by DLC in an attempt to just rob players of cash. They take a good product and ring as much cash out of it as they can. They say they fix something but never do. Players are still getting stuck in ring heads and that has been “fixed” 5 years ago according to Funcom. I just want my money back. The game is unplayable and is not what I payed for.

SP sometimes causes strange issues. I can assure you that since I play on officials I never lost anything , nothing and I play console, ps4. If you play pc even better. Still you have to accept that you share the server with others. But it is not always bad, I met wonderful players among idiots :rofl::rofl::rofl:. By the time you will get use to it and playing official will be your best. Just remember…
Idiots, that break your b… s one day decay and go away :wink:

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WTF are you rambling about? That was the most incoherent off topic disappointing disaster I have ever had the displeasure of losing brain cells to reading.

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