Possible bug in Switch Garden of Jyko

I am playing on the Nintendo Switch and on the Garden of Jyko level. I have played the level 3 times and gotten stuck all 3 times with the same occurrence. What happens is the AI moves a Pod Jumper but doesn’t move on to moving other units or end its turn. Instead, I watch the Pod Jumper look/turn from side to side…and again the AI doesn’t end its turn or move other units. I press the A button, to fast forward, and the camera stays fixed to the Pod Jumper that it just moved and Pod Jumper just looks/turns from side to side…and the AI’s turn does not end. I have held the A button for minutes (guessing 3-5 minutes), hoping that the AI would move to another unit/end turn…but that does not happen. This happens in the main building housing Jyko. Any suggestions for what I should do?

Love the game BTW. One of my favorites on the Switch.

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