Possible Character Features

I will list them out:

*In Character Creation,

-Face, arm, torso, leg, back tattoo options
-Color sliders, rather than flat, basic colors
-Just a couple more hairstyles pretty pretty please (:slight_smile:
-Option to edit the crimes, and perhaps view those on each player


-Morality meter (this I know would be difgicult to implement. However, GTA Online had a good idea. Killing players in cold blood, stealing, murdering (not enslaving) thralls lowers the meter. And perhaps friendly emotes brings it up, or feeding thralls, etc.
-Facial Animations (sorry. I know it has been said. Just super important to me)


I don’t like the idea of a morality meter. It’s too close to the idiotic Alignment system that has been plagueing D&D since the 1970s. In Conan Exiles, we do what we do in order to survive, not to earn our place in the afterlife.

You cannot really measure someone’s morality, anyway. I can do seemingly good deeds without altruistic motives if i think I can benefit from those deeds. Perhaps the other person feels they owe me a debt of gratitude I can later exploit. Perhaps the reputation I gain will improve my social standing. I can be very calculatingly nice when I want to.

“Evil” is easier to identify, but getting back up from the dark side shouldn’t be measured by our deeds, but by what our motives for those good deeds are. Redemption cannot be bought.

Whenever I play a game with a morality meter, shifting Alignments, Paragon/Renegade axis, etc. I tend to end up as the good guy - not because I feel like helping others from altruistic motives, but because that’s usually the most optimal way to play. The rewards are better, I can get help from NPCs, etc. Some badly written games have an option to play a “bad guy”, which tends to be an option to play a short-sighted jerk. A calculating, intelligent bad guy makes himself look like a good guy - but these games interpret my actions as actual goodness.


Hairstyles is a must so my wife will keep playing. :grin:

Being inked myself, I would like to see both more decorative tattoos and a return to permanent status unless killed or cleaned off for the solely decorative tattoos.

Color shading would be good too.


Just a suggestion

Yes of course for the tattoos, on all parts. They’re working with mods, so no reason why not.

Colors sliders, hmm, while more variations, and so nice, will we also get some green hulks running around, some blue… you see the picture ?

Hairstyles, more, yes, of course, and not more bald-cuts for nordheimers please. But also no hairstyles like you came just from the newest stylist. It’s CE, savage, and i love it this way !

Crimometer, definitevely NO ! I don’t like the idea at all. RL is full of that crap, so no here.

Thanks for the ideas, still nice play around with new imputs ! :slight_smile:


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