Possible dlc for the future maybe?

Hey Funcom, I’m enjoying the game a lot on PS4. I’m a fan of the source material and survival games so Conan Exiles is right up my alley. I do live in the States and am sad about the lack of freedom from clothes that we got, but I understand why and am not questioning that. My question is if you could release a nude patch in the States as dlc, then the esrb would put their rating on it. If it goes mature, we get what we want. If it goes AO, we as a fan base can petition them. The game is already out and has a mature rating so no worries of selling over here. If it costs to have the esrb do a rating, you could do a kick starter. That way it would be fan-lead. Even then if you had to charge for it, I’d pay a buck or two for it.
If we could pull it off, great! If you folks don’t even care and are done with this subject then so be it. I know there is a big push for this where I live and it sounds bigger than that. Thank you for your time and I will enjoy the game regardless. Have a great day!