Possible Fix for servers running Emberlight (Also @Funcom, info inside)

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Server Booting]

For all Emberlight users, and users of other mods which spawn AI-controlled actors:

Emberlight users,

We’ve narrowed the issue down to the animal pens. What we think (this is a theory, we’re still waiting on Funcom to do their due diligence) is that changes were made to the AI controllers for animals in preparation for the upcoming taming feature. When the animal pens attempt to spawn animals, this is what’s causing servers to crash and be unable to boot.

Right now there are two working options to get your servers back up with Emberlight:

  1. Use a database/SQL browser to delete the animal pens from your database and refund them back to your players later. The item/template IDs you need to look for are:


This is the site and the application I used to apply the fix: http://sqlitebrowser.org/

NOTE: A couple of important things before doing any of the above:

  • back up your game.db somewhere, throw it in a hole and throw away the hole.
  • Make sure you’re reasonably comfortable making direct game.db edits. If not, we recommend…
  1. Wait for us to get a Dev Kit update so that we can update our animal pen scripts with the most recent blueprints for the animals that spawn in our pens.

Funcom team,

We’re pretty sure based on testing on a blank server that the issue boils down the mods which spawn AI-controlled actors. If you have people working on an update for the dev kit, I would gently nudge them to take a look at whatever changes may have been made as groundwork for the upcoming animal taming features and see if that’s what set all this in motion, and to see what you can do to make sure we can apply the updated blueprints to our mod so we can get it back in working condition.

We realize a new cook of the mod is going to be part of the solution here, so we’re prepared to wait for that, but we wanted to give you the best information we have at the moment on what exactly has been impacted by this morning’s update.