Possible Inspiration for upcomming maps or boss fights


I have a special taste when it comes to background or map design.
It needs to be dark, vile, evil and grotesk.

your pics don´t need to be grotesk :slight_smile:
post any inspiration u have

Same for boss mobs

Please share your Inspiration here

I will start with one pic


Anyone remember the game BRINK. I feel like that would be an awesome style for new Carthage.


this one could be a nice hell boss

the both adds in front of him could spam Charge attacks like the werewolf boss in scen or the lair one

he could use his whipe to pull dps or heal to him
for some powerfull cone attacks

well so many ideas…


20-man megaraid on the Garden of Eden. Accessible via a Time Tomb that leads back to the First Age, or something.

I want to see the angel with the flaming sword as the first boss, and possibly the Serpent as the penultimate one.

Source: Ran-D on DeviantArt


Im a fan of old school Death Metal. So Vince Locke art has become familiar via Cannibal Corpse album covers. It will fit the “dark, vile, evil and grotesk” gatecory.


Another love of mine from teenage year is Simon Bisley. He drew two of my favorite comics, Sláine and Lobo. Not that dark and grotesque but… its just something.



I am also a fan of changing maps while u walk on them, mean like Silent hill.
If u reach a spesific spot the map changes to a twisted Version of it.

the pic here is not a very good match but imagine walking in KM or Tokyo and swap u are on a different map, twisted Version of old one. somting like that.

Show here is a distopia scene.

but it could easy any theme u can imagine, Hellscape, Flesh Prison stuff like that.

It does not need to be the exact copy of the map, some houses might be able to enter that are not enterable on normal map, you can use complete differen mobs here.

You did this in SA with the day night circle, but I imagine something more like silent hill, walk on normal map, and woop you are on a different one with other maps, more danger maybe…

It would be fun to fight on an distopia NY map (after the nuke strike) or in London (all is a hell Zone demons did conquer London) or Seoul (maybe different time, during Korean Japanese War, Seoul is burning and you fight filth Samurai or stuff like that.)


For inspiration… I’d definitely recommend Manga artist Junji Ito from Japan. His work not only creates uneasiness and the feeling of dread through visuals, but also has this storytelling quality that just sucks one into the world, something that reminds me of Lovecraft himself.

Here are some of his panels:


And the link to more works:


I would love to see such boss mob


I followed the link u provide but Gallery is not working.

But u will find some of his manga on YouTube commented in english.

I did not know him or his work

I will check his work later but I guess I will like it


more hellscape


on this pic ppl look like turned to Stone, and Frozen in the ground.
Imagine ppl in a normal house or even a Scene in NY

ppl half swallowed by the ground or hanging from the celling.

That could be stationary Mobs with rng attack or just for atmosphere


Fungi alternate