Possible Suggestions / Future Roadmap

Greetings Funcom,

Just want to start by saying it is great that the Conan universe is still alive and kicking. I remember when I read the book and then begin my very first MMO with Age of Conan, so many memories.
I always try to give the best possible feedback, as I have been testing a variety of games now and I think its important for feedback.

I was really taken back with the music that was originally in the MMO and has followed the series through. I think that has kept the whole loving the Conan universe alive for me.
I thought that the ‘Feat’ system was a really interesting one. The more you play you unlock permanent perks for troops/buildings by playing the game.

Possible Improvements

  • Giving players the option to password protect their hosted own co-op games when trying to get a friend in can be a pain. I think giving that choice whether to give that to a friend would be helpful than people joining your room and causing joining issues.

  • Reduce the number of gold coin icons that appear on the map, per tick. I know it happens to a lot of resources but it should be be a grand total of gold coming in and the similar icon appears above your fortress with the total amount of gold. ( May help in late game with performance issues)

  • Horseman… Who designed the horses… The horseman in the game are huge, like the size of a mammoth. Even if you reduce the scale slightly it might look like a horseman rather than a giant riding a bigger giant horse.

These are something I would consider small improvement nothings major but I’m not a developer so it might be a bigger task that what I’m putting forward.

Roadmap Suggestions

Now I know this game has just launched but you guys will be looking ahead and what to do. With a few polishing / tuning and thinking ahead of the game. So I thought I’ll throw a couple of suggestions how this game can be progressed in the future.

Possible extra maps with different climates. The main suggestions on this area as well as new maps/possible new resources can be ;

  • Cold Climate of Cimmeria - This is the home of Conan and to some nasty pict warriors as well as Vanir. You can easily add these units to the wave of units coming down to attack your fortress. You can bring mammoths and dire wolfs. Basically a whole Nordic approach with this angle and a really interesting one. Blizzards etc

  • Eastern Kingdoms of Khitai - This is an asian themed area of the Conan universe. You can add a new map with dense forests, and who knows maybe plants may want to eat you. From demons to Wolf riders you could bring in the old factions that exist as the forces that attack your fortress. Conan did explore that area and caused a lot of problems for the people in Khitai when he killed their god as he known there as the Grey Leopard. ( There is another Conan Skin option )

Thanks for reading.
Really enjoying the game so far.
Keep it up.



Hey @Jeffw0mbat

Welcome to our community.
Thanks for the kind words, but we feel they should be directed to @PG_Ren and the kickass team at Petroglyph :slight_smile:
We’ll let them know about your ideas and feedback.
Thanks again!

Jeff im with you too, the waves need to slowdown or not start til the other is finished.

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Idem for me