Possible Undead Race

I want Undead to be a race. It’s lore friendly and it would make sense. You would have the ability to be immune to Poison and Bleed. But your health would be extremely low. You wouldn’t use normal healing methods such as bandages or Potions but instead Poisons and raw food or human flesh. Skeletons and undead won’t attack you off the bat, however living things flee from you and attack you on site. Being out in the sun can possibly give you tiny amounts of corruption? Any ideas?

A playable race? The undead were mostly mindless servants to those who raised them. How would you turn that into a playable race?


A lich? I’m sure they where some who did anything to achieve immortality.

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The closest thing to a lich would be Thulsa Doom who was a Kull character. There never was an appearance of him after the cataclysm though there also never was any confirmation of his destruction. As for other beings achieving immortality you have Akivasha who was more akin to a Vampire.


I don’t know of many intelligent dead in Conan lore, and all of them are likely at least partially animated by magic. Which would be a problem thanks to those bracelets that stop wearers form using magic.

I imagine as soon as you put a slams bracket in their wrist they would cease to function

Are you talking about the bracelets put on us when we are exiled?

Those don’t prevent us from using magic. They only prevent us from crossing the curse wall.

Sorcery is something that Funcom has planned to implement for a long time (and is much speculated to be what patch 3.0 is about).

Xaltotun, as well. You could possibly push it to include Thugra Khotan but he more just sort of used magic to put himself into a suspended animation though he did drain the life of the hapless thief that awoke him.

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Yeah but they handwaved it when they decided they had no plans for sorcery. The Set religion teacher in the exiled lands tells you the bracelets sap magic power, otherwise hed use his magic to free himself. Id actually like to see the undead get some more love in this game.

Mek-kamoses does say that… sort of, but I think it is more nuanced than that. He first says:
“These bracelets we wear sap at our will, suppress our true powers. They are designed to make us meek and pliable.”
Which seems to imply a suppression of the mind more than magic, though he then goes on to say:
“This bracelet suppresses my sorcerous abilities.”
Which might mean the bracelets suppress magic, or it might just mean his magic specifically, possibly because it is clouding his mind and making it difficult for him to concentrate. You might think this is a stretch, but note that he also says:
“It is true, that the more corrupted the soul, the more kinship one will find in the creatures of the Outer Void.”
Corruption was intended to be used as a mechanic for sorcery, which means that sorcery being possible in the Exiled Lands was planned even during Mek-kamoses’s speech. He goes on to add:
“But the power to summon comes from knowledge, and that knowledge can be taught.
If you find a way to restore my sorcery, stranger, I will teach you the words written in the Book of Skelos.”

This, in my opinion, goes back to the bracelets suppressing the mind rather than magic.


Hmmmmm that is true… you may very well be correct then.

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