Possible Weapon Rework?

I believe some weapons need massive reworking. The Religious weapons for example. When you think about the cost of say… the Spear of Epimetreus for instance, 50 zeal, star metal and shaped wood… but it also requires a tier 3 shrine so that’s alot of time and effort to get the materials to make it, and it’s not as good as say a dragonbone spear. Sure the durability is nice, but there is little reward for the effort.

There should be some benefit to using these weapons, either an area of effect or a potion like effect that you get from them. Maybe the spear does a cleansing/healing effect like the God breaker armor. Or the Tenderizer gives bonus healing from body parts. Or maybe they do more damage vs other types of armor or effects on hits… just a thought…
Mitra could do bonus piercing damage to heavy.
Yog does extra 10% damage across, but you can only heal with human flesh.
Derketo does an extra heal like effect on the last hit of the combo, like a mini herbal tea effect.
Ymir does frigid damage. (Obvious)
Set does poison damage on last hit of combo
And Jhebbal has the claws, it’s already ridiculously unique.

There should be some reason those weapons are used considering their costs, because right now, they arent worth it.

Just a thought


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