Post patch performance

I don’t know about anyone else, but the game’s performance has taken another nose dive for me after downloading today’s patch. I won’t be playing…again.

That’s all I’m going to say because, right now, I’m livid.

Update: Now this is what a sandstorm looks like…

For me its blinding white light, I thought this was a sand storm, Not Jesus’s return.

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There was no need to flag Psychodad’s comment. He didn’t break guidelines and he speaks the truth.
This site should show who’s doing the flagging. Childish crap.


Please don’t focus on that stuff, it’ll drive you mad. :slight_smile: You make a good point that requires some exploration.

Last patch (Mounts & Movement + hotfix) introduced a loss of Frame Rate on machines that, prior to M & M, were locked at 60.

This patch and hotfix has introduced stepping lag, or a stutter, during game transitions. It’s repeatable, and it’s been in the game before. What I’m following is that on machines that used to run at 48-60 frames, variable, can now be locked at 30 for very stable gameplay. However, this condition will cause the aforementioned stutter. It’s subtle, but it’s there.

From my professional experience, when software behavior like this occurs, it’s due to a Work In Progress function that will be resolved in future patches, but more user data is essential. 30 frames is a reasonable standpoint for now, but the stutter should go. I do hope they patch upward, and allow a locked, stable 60 frames on mid-level gaming rigs.

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Welcome to the forums, where many want to get chosen of asura and will flag anything against FC and will always be on FCs side :smiley:


Care, you might get flagged for that statement :joy::joy:

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I already got 2 suspensions… So its only a matter of time, until I am gone :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks for the insight.

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If I were the poster who became hidden, I would simply edit the post. The system is here so that we can get another crack at putting out the information.

Please do keep up on this. You’ve been a vocal hunter of the (my words) “elusive” stutter. Now that I can replicate it on test machines and friend’s machines with regularity, I’m glad you’re still in it.


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