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Don’t get me wrong, I love the graphics, ESPECIALLY on dx10 ultra settings, but by today’s standards they are a bit outdated. Not that I care, I enjoy them and the overall high quality. However, character models are pretty garbage. That is undeniable. Especially women, like wtf???

Problem is if they follow the books they limit themselves creatively. They should go bio ware route and let players make heir own decisions.


I suppose, but character physics addressing could be more patched in later, but I give on character models needs to be revisited, but I savory the glory of more conquest in Hyboria.

Though, let’s just pray, by Set… if they took the idea of unleashing Shem, Argos, Ophir and Zingara; I am sure they would address the atheistics of the character-models and women-physics, especially to finally show King Conan’s Khitain-Queen; (Yum!)


Currently they are still low on resources, only recently leaving debt they had for a few years, so they should concentrate more on small content than expansions and I will hold by that until the small things are fixed. And maybe let heavy armor have hate decrease to allow it to be used as dps spec gear for soldiers. But that one is just personal thought.


By Set!

Ye of little faith, in Set… when I return, Age of Conan will return to the stature of glory; kettle-drum beats and sword, shield, steel, and hammer will sing and clamor in the battlements and King Conan will rise from the bloodied bodies of our MMORPG-foes and be glorious!


And we shall sing tales of when we have raided temples, tasted women, built cities with our hands and slain our foes with our blades! Hurrah!


I knew your heart was here in Age of Conan…


And when they ask me what is good in life I answer: To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women! Hurrah!


Your words speak true from the heart of a Hybrian, I will always savor this exchange on what truly will shape this world in the Age of Conan!


Time to wreck havoc in the khitai lands, by Crom! They shall fall!


Are you on server-realm, Crom?

Hope you do not mind being friend to a Stygian of old?


(Indeed am.)

In the Old lands of Hyboria, the priestesses of the old Dragon God lament my name, -cut out to avoid in game hate- the Twin Fangs of the Wolves, the Dragonwolf!

(Pm me in private if you didn’t catch my name when it was up momentarily


By Set!
May the Old Great Serpent One, Father of All, Set bless you and when my rebirth is done… Coils of Set will be your protection from the Great Serpent Eye of Judgement!


By Crom we shall Conquer all! Kill, maim and burn!


By Set, so I have been checking out my [Collector’s Edition - Age of Conan] and pulled out the [Art Bible] that goes in detail and earlier transitional drawings that lead to world we have, [Age of Conan: Unchained] and got me thinking and wondering on the invasion of Hyperborreans and Vanir in (Cimmeria).

Set’s teeth… though it would be an amazing venture for delving into (Shem) with the story-arc pertaining that the Queen of (Ophir) sends word to King Conan of possible invasion of her region-kingdom by the Mad-King of (Shem) and when King Conan along with soldiers ride out in defense is met with an ambushed and though survived, gets imprisoned in notorious prison-fortress in (Shem). Supposively escapes with help and while seeking the revenge on this plot to kill King Conan, still in (Shem), he comes across some leader in city of (Shem) and he gets killed in a fanatical way propped on a Bull-head statue that suppose to represent Bel, God of Thieves, though predominant for Shem and their Shemite-Priest it is the Nameless One, Spider-God Tarantula and they have some weight in the regon-kingdom by the Mad-King because he does not want to go to blows, but (Shem) is supposively close-brink to civil-war with itself and the leader-killing pushes everyone buttons and Conan gets caught up with Shemites unrest and Kothian-soldiers trying to keep the peace…

Interesting read, really need to refamiliarize myself with it, but anyone think maybe some [Expansion-packish] of maybe more of expanse to more of (Turan)-region or maybe (Hyperborrea)?


By the golden scales of the Old Great Serpent One, Set… I have been looking for a means to refamiliarize myself with the ‘Scarlet Citadel’, but to my dismay I could only find excerpts, but seems the slitted-eye of the Father of All was upon me and blessed me with the readings of story-arc of the honorable-creator, Robert E. Howard, so in the Wisdom of Set I bestow a means I found to learn of this story-arc I wished to be brought the world, [Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures - Unchained]

Enjoy as I did listening…

Watch “Conan The Cimmerian - The Scarlet Citadel - Part 01” on YouTube

Watch “Conan The Cimmerian - The Scarlet Citadel - Part 02” on YouTube

Watch “Conan The Cimmerian - The Scarlet Citadel - Part 03” on YouTube


By Set!

Now for the last remaining for those looking to be able to hear the rest; then we can extrapolate and see how remarkable we can incorporate it into new expansion-avenues:

Watch “Conan The Cimmerian - The Scarlet Citadel - Part 04” on YouTube

Watch “Conan The Cimmerian - The Scarlet Citadel - Part 05” on YouTube

Watch “Conan The Cimmerian - The Scarlet Citadel - Part 06” on YouTube

… and the finale:
Watch “Conan The Cimmerian - The Scarlet Citadel - Part 07” on YouTube

Hope you all enjoyed, for discussion come next!


One must followed the slithered path of Set, to know the wisdom of the Old Great Serpent One…

So, not much clamouring of ideas so I guess I get the ball rolling!

First thought is which would be better to introduce the this story-arc in its essences?

Shem and Ophir… most definitely are interesting sites to open up in Age of Conan; maybe so much not of recreating the event, but maybe a timeline drawn-forth from, you know?

Lets say the region-Kingdom of Shem has now been thrown into a brink of civil-war power struggle; especially since evil-sorceror did not completely die. Story-arc for Age of Conan content could have a three-prong situation with the sorcerors, King of Shem, and the reach of the influences of the Gods.

Hence the thought of new introduction of Shemite-racial would be epic step for new content wise, but what Archetype and Sub-classes should be available?

(If anyone can manage to wrangle up some excerpts on Robert E. Howard’s depictions of Shemites, please post along with the discussion and be very grateful for it)

Shemites depicted… the access to Archetype Soldier, Priest, Rogue, and Mage seems plausible for lore-continuity/cannon… sub-classes of Guardian, Assassin, Barbarian, Ranger, Necromancer, and Demonologist; though I caution on current sub-classes on Archetype-Priest (Tempest of Set, Priest of Mitra, and Bear Shaman) for Shemites. Reasons being, from the multitude of rivalry religions for the land, it is stated there is a (dominant) west to east of Shem… maybe a addition of a racial-class for Shemite Priest under [Ashtoreth].

Tell me what you think so far… I would enjoy more comments or suggestions also!


Know that you need only to listen within the shadows to hear, the Words of Set…

Anyone have any information on [Ashtoreth], must say been tough to find information on this Goddess. More mysterious than the Golden Peacock…

Also any other suggestions would be welcome…

Just to reflect again:
I like the introduction of Shem really much, even more realizing there is quite some history between Conan with the Shem. We have been introduced to them with apperances of Shemite in Cimmeria, Stygia, and I think an occurance of one in Aquilonia. Though after listening to the short-story got excited about maybe another introduction of sub-class for Archetype-Soldier with [Pikeman] would be epic, with a shield and spear fighting aesthetic, but that might be my love for my Valkyrie-main role in [For Honor], but with Funcom’s Dream World Engine… I do believe it could be amazing.

I figure one drawback would be the fact that the Soldier-Guardian is a hybrid with the Polearm, but I alway found the fighting-style aesthetic to look awkward and especially how they look positioned in defensive-stance; though with spear and shield would be an amazing counter to just traditional shield and sword Soldier-Guardian; also figuring my bias for loving [Assassin’s Creed Odyssey; Spartan] and [For Honor; Viking-Valkyrie] for (PS4) and all-time greatest fun [Spartan: Total Warrior] on (GameCube).

Let me know what you think… also please any other Robert E. Howard material you can come up within suggestions to conversate its inclusion to Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures - Unchained!