Post your pets here

I searched, but found no topic like this one. So if you have pet photos, post them here.

These are three of mine.


Two more. My Greater Wolf and Greater Lion.


I wanted to but I can’t :sob:
My beloved Fenrir died recently because at the Mounds of the dead a taskmaster, a bearer and 2 or 3 fighters killed it in just moments, and now its successor, a greater sabertooth was ripped apart by 5(!!!) cimmerian berserkers and a fighter III while we defended our base against a cimmerian berserker purge…

Fenrir had 48 STR and 29 GRIT, but low HP. My sabertooth had 35 STR and a crapton of HP, but 4 GRIT…

So my new wolfie and kitten named White fangs (changed my mind from Fenrir 2.) and Diego are being trained right now. We’ll see how they evolve to help me revenge!



Greater Shiba.


So named because that appears to be his favourite thing - all day every day, up and down the same flight of stairs…
(Also, I love the idea that he’s a ‘fighter’ who’s ‘guarding’ lol)


I’m too lazy to tame pets in the game so here’s my cat.


No love for mounts yet?

Here’s the first horse I ever tamed in Conan Exiles.

His name is Greymane. He ended up with 26 STR/30 AGI/20 VIT/12 ACC/24 SUR.

And here’s the newest horse I’ve leveled up to 20.

I just call him Pie for now, and he’s one of the strongest combat horses I’ve leveled to 20 yet. 34 STR/22 AGI/24 VIT/16 ACC/11 SUR. Melee damage bonus of 255% and ranged damage bonus of 120%. I think it’ll be awhile before RNG offers me up a more powerful steed. I’m sure others have better, though!

This is my Rhino, Buzz Lightyear.
… Sorry, couldn’t resist. One of my friends was just telling me how he hopes they don’t fix the flying rhino physics. :stuck_out_tongue:


Your friend can rest easy, they’ve said on a dev stream that it’s too funny to fix.

His name s chewy, short for Chewbacca (I did not name him)From when we played SWG then TOR.
He lives in the living room, and does not let people he does not like into his home.

We have a greater one every server named chewy.

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His name is Donatello, and despite being a turtle and therefore slow, he has big dreams of someday using his knowledge to invent stuff and make this world a better place.
His favorite food is pizza, but since it is very rare where we live he mostly eat what I give him, and even though he is small, he can easily carry 10000 rocks and never makes noise like the other pets, he just isn’t a complainer :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My first mount -


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