POTENTIAL BUG: De-level removes feats obtained by using LearnFeat X

TestLive Private Server (No Mods, Rev #275862/28102)

De-leveling my char made me forget all my new feats which are normally obtained by interacting with an object. Those in my case were obtained by using LearnFeat X and not by interacting with the actual object.

  1. Level to 60 and use LearnFeat + Scrolls to unlock new feats to test.
  2. De-level to level 17 to test the xp gains on palisades.
  3. Note that you forgot all feats you obtained by using LearnFeat X but you still have the ones that you obtained by regular means i.e. using a scroll or interacting with the actual object (book).

E.g. Feats that are still available:

  • Voidforged weapons - e.g. ItemID 29048
  • Delved weapons - e.g. ItemID 24359
  • Grandmaster Armorsmith/Weaponsmith - e.g. ItemID 30090
  • Ancient Lemurian Axe - e.g. FeatID 41015 (obtained by interacting with the tablet).

E.g. Feats that reset:

  • All the feats from the vaults. I used LearnFeat X to learn those and they are now all reset e.g. LearnFeat 52632 - Goblin & LearnFeat 570 - Fiend.
  • All feats from interacting with a book on the ground. It seems to only happen if the feats are obtained by using the LearnFeat command e.g. LearnFeat 80211 - Stygian Palisades & LearnFeat 90212 - Eldarium Chests.

Hey @Narelle

Thanks for the observation. We’ve sent it to the team to see if there’s a potential issue.

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