Potential New Solo Player Question

I’ve never tried Exiles (yet)
I am wondering is this game rewarding or fun for a solo player?


I know loneliness can get some people down when they play single player. Being able to recruit people and pets makes it a bit easier, but for me, I enjoy the chase, and having my head on a swivel when real players are around. I have played mostly solo and some clan. My wife plays solo and is a little more extreme: she feels too lonely unless she’s online with a higher server population.

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I am playing mostly solo and enjoying it. I am still really new and using mostly stone tools/weapons still. I feel pretty good about 1v1 fights, but when NPCs gang up on you it can go downhill fast. I think recruiting thralls and pets will help tip that in my favor. The world is interesting to explore, and there is a storyline, but from what I can tell, you uncover it yourself. I like that you can climb on almost anything. My first time climbing really high up at night and then looking down to see all the campfires in the distance was really cool. Also apparently there are friendly cities and lots of interactive NPCs, I just haven’t found them yet. There is a bit of a grind with gathering materials, but you can tweak most of the settings for your game, including harvest rates, at least I’m pretty sure. I’ve been fine with the default settings.

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The most fun should be playing in online official servers with friends and family.
I started playing with my wife, met some friends too.
Now, that’s how it should be.
Reality so far?, server configurations that won’t work, harassment and “griefing” with too little or not at all response from official sources (not enough admins to help people who are getting their games ruined, and hundreds of hours lost, by some “players”).
So, you could give it a try online first, but check these forums to learn what many players are suffering.
Then you can play solo, locally, and you’ll get lots of fun too.
I’ve been playing for some weeks now and really like the game, the graphics, the content, the building system, many great things.
If you can backup local saved game (like with PS+), do it regularly.
Good hunting!

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Hi @zodoz I’m in a clan and I play online but most of the time I play alone and I love it.

Obviously at the beginning it’s a little harder and leveling my require more time because you can’t share duties (like farming materials) with one or more mates but at 60 lvl than you’re able to solo faces all menaces PvE could place in front of you.

Personally I never tryed, but one of my mates play solo because he preferes the levelling part of the game and beginning a new game each time he reaches lvl 60.

All of that is valid in PvE and PvE-Conflict, to play PvP in solo could be a lot more harder imho, but I have little experience in PvP to say.

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