Potion of Endowment Lacking Something


I think a popular request from the community in regards to Thrall physiques can be simply solved.

My suggestion:

Have the Potion of Endowment increase bust size by one increment for every potion given.
This would be a permanent change to the Thralls physical appearance.

Have the Potion of Endowment enhance female bust size:

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t care.

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I agree Zeb. Having the Potion of Endowment fulfill some form of functional role for female characters is long overdue now. Bust or chest proportions is the logical choice. And while I know the probability is low, I still stand firmly beside you regarding a booty slider. Now how would that be for a function for it!


I was disappointed to learn that this potion was not a increase to strength. I don’t use and wouldn’t mind if it were removed from the game as it is now.

I also had an idea for a Potion that did the opposite, taking chest size down an increment for each given for those whom don’t wish to have a maxed or large bust on Thralls. A Potion of Dryness to be able to max muscle and definition.


I had to vote no, this would be massively misused and everywhere you would go would be populated with the most insanely unrealistic women whom would not even be able to stand up on their own.

I respect your decision.
But I feel everything has the potential to be misused.


I would really just like them to treat the genders equally, rather than playing the feminist side of things.


We are playing a bloody, violent game, full of slaves, murder, dark magic, demonic beings, false gods. Not only do we kill other players, but can kill baby animals and destroy other players houses, MONTHS worth of their work can be destroyed. And a purge comes to attack our hard work as well.

While all this happens, we are jumping around with wangdoodles of various sorts, in inappropriate outfits, or no outfits at all. Breasts abound, all sizes, in the cold, in the heat.

We have sensual emotes and taunting, suggestive poses we can perform.

And even still, a potion exists for a penis to go from quite large, to ROPE size. It’s fun, people get a kick out of it, it has its intended purpose of shi*s and giggles… but I don’t see people sprinting around the map constantly with it, cause its unreasonable and dumb.

The same SHOULD be able to be said about female characters… but it is not.

My best guess is they don’t want to offend “dramatic” people.

But hey, rolling crotch shots sure makes more sense than balloon boobs.

FYI, I would use this once and be happy it was in game, then mostly forget about it like I already do.

It’s just irritating to know that based on gender, they are limiting a feature that is clearly a bit over-stated and intended to be silly.

Equality goes both ways folks!

P.S. This absolutely should not be permanent if it were to affect thralls. At most, it should function as is, a temporary, excessive buff to the corresponding anatomy and cancel at the end of said duration.


Oof. Whenever I see several different topics all combined into a simple “yes/no” poll, I know nobody’s gonna be happy :smiley:

For the record, I voted “yes”, but mostly because I would like the endowment potion to have effect on female player characters, too. The bit where it modifies the thrall appearance? I’m on the fence there. I’m definitely leery of making effects permanent. There are very few things in Conan Exiles that are totally permanent and can’t be, at the very least, reset with another potion. For those that are permanent, it’s for a good reason (e.g. not losing a feat you learned from an NPC).

I use it only for cheap hilarity. It’s about as useful as an emote :wink:

As opposed, for example, to having a chest full of dancer thralls from the Sepermeru tavern, carefully curated to include only the biggest bust sizes?

I mean, let’s face it, Conan Exiles is a game with:

  • full nudity
  • adjustable breast size and penis size during character creation
  • violence
  • blood
  • slavery
  • plenty of NPCs with unrealistic body proportions

Are we really going to be offended by thralls with huge bewbs and shlongs? Why?


It can be difficult to appease everyone.
But I believe that’s what the comments are for, help refine your own selection.
I do try my best to be inclusive.

I’d love suggestions on how to implement changes to Thralls appearance.

Huh. Sorry, I missed that post somehow.

I’m not against making it permanent-until-opposite-potion, but I would make that go hand-in-hand with a restriction: don’t allow these potions to change a thrall’s appearance beyond the existing RNG limits.

For a player character, the effect is temporary, so it’s not a big deal to have an ankle-long shlong for a couple of minutes. It’s merely humor, even if it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea :wink:

Since the effects would be permanent for thralls, I would impose the existing limits. A temporary effect is grotesque but humorous, whereas a permanent effect would end up merely being grotesque.


You’re my forum spirit animal @CodeMage


Perhaps if the potion is consumed when the proportions are maxed out it could set the size back at the smallest option again, then build up again from that value with each subsequent consumption. I hope that made sense…

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Nothing wrong with having an army of top heavy warrior women. :slight_smile:

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Increase backside…

I don’t use it myself, I have never seen a naked male NPC in this game EVER. And crafting thralls no longer spawn nude in any form… Even if I load Disc with no patches, Best i’ve gotten is topless.

Only time I’ve seen Bush, is if i took my clothes off, or a thralls when clearing out stupid respawning fiber clothes glitch. XD

I rarely use male thralls outside crafting… so ha ha.

Funny enough, Never seen anyone go full naked on officials ether. (outside videos and streams)
I dont see point of potion in general since its basically “private” use.

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Every time I wanna climb I end up with a closeup of my Jhebbal Sag :stuck_out_tongue:


Worse thing is that it’s a potion of endowment… they might make it give the girls something extra then increase the bust size

Back in early access,

I had just made conan’s royal armor and applied a tattoo at the same time. I was convinced equipping Conan’s armor gave my female character a beard… but no. It was just the tattoo.

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