Potion of Relentlessness - A potion to increase difficulty

I know that I can make myself weaker to increase the difficulty in this game. But that doesnt feel the same as going against something at max power. You can face roll everything at max level in the game, besides maybe the Arena Champion, but that just requires a little extra patience.

What if there was a potion that that increased the difficulty of all mobs in game or a potion that directly affected the dungeons/vaults difficulty.

I want to go in with the strongest weapons, strongest buffs, strongest thralls and have a hard time clearing something completely maxed out on stats, I dont want to have to make myself more weak to make a challenge for myself. Feels like going backwards instead of forwards if that makes sense.

Also if they could add a couple rewards or double drop rates for when you use the potion would be awesome too.

You realize you can create this kind of customized gameplay experience for yourself, right? Just setup your own hardcore server (if you want to do this with friends) or create a single-player/co-op game and dial up the difficulty as much as you want. With just a couple of clicks, you can have mobs hit you for 2x damage and reduce your outgoing damage by half (or whatever you’d prefer).

So you go into a dungeon with a potion to increase the difficulty of a dungeon (whatever that means) while I am inside the dungeon already struggling??
I mean how is that supposed to work?
However you can set the difficulty already in the admin panel for singleplayer and if you run a private server, seems like the better option in my opinion, and if you play on official server then set some rules for yourself like for example no use of anything epic or legendary :slight_smile:

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I’m guessing they mean that it would only affect themselves. The only reason I could think of anything like this would be if, for whatever unfathomable reason, they want to do this on official servers where they can’t access the admin panel.

It is probably a good guess, but he said…

However yeah for officials, the best way is set some rules for himself so that he doesn’t feel overpowered :slight_smile:

Yes, I fully realize I can do what ever I want with this sandbox game in single player or my own server.

Im just asking to be able to increase the difficulty on official servers. The potion would only affect the person who drank it meaning the game stays the same for everyone else. Just, if you want a more difficult run, drink the potion.

I guess what Im asking for is some end game content that is difficult, where either Im not holding M1 and face rolling or eating a sandwich while my thrall does all the work for me.

So I’m guessing they would have to add a “nerf multiplier” to the character and then use it in all the calculations. It would lower your damage output, increase the damage you receive, etc.

It’s not a bad idea per se, but I doubt they’ll do it when it’s easy to achieve what you want by choosing to play with different settings, either in single-player or on a private server that caters to your desired playstyle.

Thinking about it, it would probably be easier to nerf the user rather than buff the mobs.

I know I can do this in single player and private servers and I love to mess around with admin mode but most of my time is spent on officials.

Just want a challenge where I dont have to make myself wear non epic gears and weapons or speccing myself a way to give myself a disadvantage. I want the game to give me a challenge, not myself with my own rules.

They can’t buff the mobs, because dungeons aren’t instanced. Buffing mobs would screw things up in the way @Frillen already described.

I understand that. Like I said, I’m not criticizing your idea. I’m just thinking out loud about why you probably shouldn’t hold your breath :slight_smile:

Could make it an AOE effect around your character. Once a mob is in your AOE radius of lets say 5 meters, the buff activates, mob becomes “enraged” and the mob stays buffed for lets just say 30 secs after losing aggro if you run away. Buffed mob has chance of increased or a better loot table.

Or you could just drink the potion and take a percentage nerf to your health and damage output.

I don’t want to be mean here, but we just had a thread about how difficult an encounter is (not even talking about the issues of latency or the occasional bug, but when it is working fine). That encounter utilized mechanics that are considered extremely early and basic in most other games. This isn’t the first time our playerbase has had issues with such mechanics either. Thag, the boss of the Wine Cellar dungeon was more or less nerfed because of how ‘difficult’ they were for many.

And OP, I know what you are saying, that such a ‘potion’ is optional. Well so are the encounters. That really isn’t the point. It will be something added to the game that will be above some players.

With that said. I don’t like the idea. The reason why is its only going to be able to affect your damage done and your damage taken. Just because a crocodile can one shot you, and takes a hundred hits to kill doesn’t make it a challenge. It doesn’t become more fun.

For there to be more of a challenge in Conan Exiles, enemy fights need to have more complexity, more nuance, and more variables. Unfortunately this community has shown that they actually don’t really want that. At least a vocal portion of it.

IMO they should ignore that portion and push forward anyway. Once such complexity in difficulty becomes more normal, most of the complaints will get drowned out.


That is subjective though. Some people dont want a “puzzle” so to speak, but at least a risk of losing of you try and face plant thru it. I think just having a damage taken potion multipier may work, and it also has a resource multiplier on it.

I 100% agree with you on the complexity. Thats why I said Arena Champion I guess is “hard” but she really isnt.

The bosses need more mechanics, bigger move sets. Yeah, you can crank up the health on a world boss croc but he’s still gonna do the same 3 attacks.


She’s my go-to example when it comes to good intentions with really crappy outcomes. The idea was to make her more challenging, but all they did was make an NPC that will kill you in a few moves if you happen to get a sudden lag spike. :man_shrugging:

It’s not a bad idea honestly.
It may even be expanded into something like lower stats but greater chances to get a rare drop from a mob or a chest akin to dungeon difficulty settings in some mmo’s.
Maybe it can be implemented via some kind of a sorcery themed altar at the start of a dungeon so player will be able to attune themselves and receive a “curse.”
Maybe some “cursed weapons” tier drops for said difficulty.
Overall it may bring some replayability to the dungeons.

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Siptah kinda nailed it with the Surges, you could pick your own difficulty there in a way. Just need a similar mechanic on Exiled Lands.

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Also in Siptah you can summon your own bosses at the summoning pools. Being able to summon stuff depending on a statue or item would work good on Exiled Lands.

You would loot or craft a statue, statue would have a certain boss attached to it with a certain difficulty. Goto designated spot for summoning and summon your boss to fight.

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Interesting idea; what about a potion of recklessness:

Decrease damage dealt
Increase damage taken
Increase damage to durability
Increase loot dropped

And able to drink multiple potions, with the potion effect needing to be on from the first blow to last.

Caps at something like perhaps 2 or 3 of the legendary weapons dropping from a 3 skull instead of 1…and maybe 300% damage up/down.

There just isn’t any challenge in this game anymore. You get everything just like that, you beat everything just like that (except arena champion) and that’s just boring. I remember when you had to actually play to achieve things like proper thralls and so on. And nothing is special anymore, fighters are basically the same, worker thralls don’t give you anything special like before. Complete nonsense.

And then youve got disconnects which will remove the self buff of said potion in the games current state.