Potion usage, stacks, Hp regen

hello all, i got a few Qs about potions and Hp regen.

1- what is the black lotus potion used for?
2- elixir of might duration when used?
3- what is the frost, golden, purple and grey lotus potions used for?
4- does the potions stack?

5-does the aloe extract stack with hp regen foods such as roasted haunch?

thx all.

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  1. It deals 10 damage and gives a small amount of corruption. Description says it’s used for sorcery and can kill the imbiber. It’ll likely be useful after sorcery is added to the game.
  2. I dunno. A while.
  • Frost poisons you.
  • Golden heals 29 HP per sec for 5 sec.
  • Purple cripples you and grants +3 charisma (we don’t have a charisma stat…) The cripple is ‘supposed’ to keep you from moving at all, like paralysis, but it doesn’t work correctly.
  • Grey gives +3 Strength and Grit.
  • All of them are alcoholic drinks.
  1. Yes.
  2. Yes, potions stack with food (aloe extract and ambrosia are both potions), as do bandages… In fact, some food gives you a potion healing effect at the same time as the food regen, such as cooked abysmal meat.

thanks for the reply, so whats the best heal combination?
abysmal with golden lotus maybe? or do the abysmal food counted as a potion like ambrosia or aloe extract? if yes, combining roasted haunch with golden lotus pot for maximum hp regen maybe?

As far as I know Golden Lotus is the best potion for healing.
Cooked Abysmal Meat heals a total of 90. Roasted Haunches heal 80.
There are several foods that heal 100, such as Hearty Stew, which is what I use.
Hearty Stew restores 100 health, 100 food and 15 water.

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i tried the golden lotus, interesting thing is you can Not use more than 2 potions in a short time because it makes you drunk and fighting drunk is not easy…

another thing, violet cureall says “that cures everything” but it doest cure drunk effect…

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I was wondering, that buff on charisma is really intriguing, I spent a time thinking what would it be, reading the info and knowing that sorcery will come into the game at some point, I got the conclusion that it would be a stat… til I took off the clothes at home, and noticed that something was waaaaaaaaay bigger!!!

I loled hard, dunno if was a bug or the “+3 charisma” doing that, if so FC had a very funny humor on this!

I would post a pic but… it can be flagged as “not apropriate” :stuck_out_tongue: although its part of the game…

Drink the potion, take off your clothes, and see if “something is different”.