Potions / elixir question

Hey guys

Is it possible to stack attributes with potions & elixirs higher than +3?

Yes with a tattoo u can get other +3 , you can also get from armour but potions / elixir only is capped at +3?

Like get drunken to get +3 str and use a str elixir, would it drop me +6 or just +3?

Also does anyone know a list of consumables which gives benefits like attribute or healing?


You can combine a warpaint with a potion to get the +6 benefit. You can also use a set of armor that adds up to +9 for a stat as well, and even as far as a weapon/shield combo to gain even more.

OK ty so it’s not possible to combine a elixir and a potion to get double benefits? (2x3 attribute)

Potions don’t stack, no. Lost Souls gives +3 on random stats. If you spam it enough you will get +3 to all stats. You can then pop elixirs and you won’t get +6 it will just refresh the timer on the buff.

No. No stacking potions/elixir. Only warpaints, weapons boosts and potions.

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