Praise for the Music and Visuals

I don’t have enough words to express how good the music is in this game. It is incredible and so atmospheric. Truely perfect.

And the game is gorgeous. The map is so incredible. I still find interesting places to this day.

The game can be so immersive which I find huge fun.


Agreed, in fact I’m a big fan of all the Funcom Conan soundtracks. They all just nail so perfectly the Hyborian Age setting without blatantly aping the iconic 1982 Basil Poledouris score. (Well, aside from CE’s main theme, but come on, can you blame them?)


Yeah that one nod to it is fine. The sound track for this game is really superb work by the composer .

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Frankly that theme is so “Conan” to so many people that it’d be weirder if they didn’t reference it.

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