Pre 1.05 server?

Would you guys ever consider putting up a pre 1.05 revamp server up? Acutally Id love to see a pre crafting revamp server myself. Wonder if that would bring back people… Make it like rage, where its one toon (for starters) and have to start from scratch…

I will certainly not play any patch before Khitai. Maybe Khitai brought many problems to the game, but Khitai by itself is my favourite expansion not just zone wise or equipment wise, but also dungeon wise. Khitai has the best dungeons and hell no way would I play pre patches

Good point, I would be up for that too… but I would be down with the Khitai first release with no crafting revamp. I think that ruined crafting…

Pre 1.05 this was a PvP game through and through. I have a feeling the only players that would play pre 1.05 for any extended duration would be a small number of PvP players.

People love their gear, runes, and buffs too much to want this sort of thing.

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pre 1.05 would be very light regarding level 80 pve content.

No. AoC currently is a mess but so was pre 1.05. Going from one mess to another would be a waste of time.

PS. The dream would be for someone like Cirith to come back to Funcom, someone who actually communicated with the players.


Pre 1.05 had a more evenly distributed gear baseline which didn’t have new players that far behind strictly due to gear

There will still be imbalanced complaints

ie: Tos storm crown 1 shots


There were always some serious balance issues, even when gear overall was meaningless. It’s not like the game was ever “perfect”, no RPG ever is :stuck_out_tongue:

There was a great base for purely skill based combat (which is very appealing to the pvp community - but can totally work for pve too if you take care when designing the encounters) before AA and the gear/stats revamp and I was extremely sad when we lost it, that’s for sure.

But lots has changed and not all the post 1.05 changes were bad.

But sure, I’d happily play on a server running an older version of the game. Pvp saga before lvl 80 was actually great, I really wished they had kept it a 79 server. 79 is a lot like playing an older version of AoC. But of course it’s not perfect either.

But like on Rage before people were seemingly happy to go back to grinding pve for pvp and gain a massive advantage over those who don’t want to or can’t.

I fail to see any skill involved in 1.04, almost every class had some way to oneshot others.

Stuff like :
Rabbit snares + storm crown oneshotting an entire zone
Cunning D oneshots on CC’s
Grip of death without line of sight check and killing you in 1 cast
And a bunch of other stupid mechanics

Sure the gear being meaningless is appealing but overall the game was absolutely awful, and it would be even worse now with everyone knowing the exploits.

Even mini games were broken early on with bugs like necro pets giving kills

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More fun I can remember from the early days:

1: The notoriety system - wasn’t there at launch which was hilarious. Ganking lowbies with impunity.

2: Fight clubbing/naked rp - it was Morrison that introduced reduced pvp xp for that nonsense.

3: Minigames - they gave terrible xp and were more or less pointless until again, Morrison fix them

4: Animation issues - skipping/molding, male v female.

5: Unlimited buffs (backwards tapping)

6: Gem era

7: Chain cc

8: Client stability

9: pvp gear

Not a big fan of Morrison and what he did over all, but Godager was a disaster.

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I would love to play on a server like this. I never experienced the official launch and since AoC is my all time favorite game I would love to play that version of the game.

In this thread:

PvErs clearly don’t want this (need muh progression and muh gear + AA advantage)
PvPers do

you are the first one to speak about gear and AA in this thread . . .

Use your eyes, please.

In my opinion, I still don’t see they wanted or needed any specific kind of gear like you did :

Sure, he didn’t explicitly. I wasn’t calling him out. What I’m saying is there’s a clear trend where pvers clearly want an advantage levied from the systems put into place 1.05 onward.

I read people want the dungeons but I can’t find

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I think it’s clear that I’m calling you all bad.

Do I really need to spell that out for you? Now disappear back into the palace of cetriss and manifest 1000 more reasons you won’t try pvp aside from your own incompetence and fragile ego.

For sure I’ll go back playing with “bad” players who are bad only because they don’t share your view of the game and how it should be. And I’ll have fun doing so !

Back to the original topic, my opinion is still :