Pre 1.05 server?

cool story bro

Send me back to a time when K6s mattered. I can’t raid ever again, I $&*@ing hate it.

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Honestly, considering how most if not 99% of Khitai is pretty much dead content, they could just make all the dungeons soloable since its pretty damn rare to get a group for anything other than mona

This game need custom private servers with much more love, content etc.

Listen folks. This is a dead game. The company behind it is not going to give you anything else you ask for. You either accept the game as it is in its current state or you drive yourself crazy wondering why Funcom cant be bothered anymore.

There is not going to be a pre 1.05 server/patch/Whathaveyou there will be no green eggs and ham Sam I am.

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and no one play that amazing dungeons all just farm OS and chaos lol

pvp be like


‘‘What i personally expected to find when i first decided to try an AoC run through’’ but instead found whatever i found and appeared meh…
And FotD Arena first PvP try T1 PvE armor - no AA was like: Oh Assasin. Oh he is right before me. After 3 seconds… Oh what happened, something just exploded in my face and i am dead…
Till i eventuall figured it out after dying 100+ times.
Then tried minigames first time getting one shotted. Someone showed me Bori and told me ‘‘farm it’’ gain the rank buy the gear work on your AAs. After 500+ deaths and 70+ kills i figured it out a bit as of how to fight. By the time i was starting to perform in PvP i was in 870+ deaths 150+ kills already.

Explains why many turn to K/D ratio cleaning afterwards…

The skill gap and knowledge of how class/ game mechanics work was understandable, the gear and AA gap so so, the Rank to eliminate the gear gap sucked and the gap of Endgame runes etc. continues to suck until you get them as well. Then you go and fight someone who is as new as you were and you just don’t want to fight him because you know it’s no fun for him.

…Then i discovered ‘‘PvP Matchmaking application’’ created by a community member that makes the player focus on ‘‘learning the mechanics’’ how to fight your opponent instead.

How it should have been. Like in any Online game. Current state trains the player to grind for gear instead of improving in skill thus ruining quality.

Yes it’s a great app it’s just too bad that it only operates on fury where there is no population and most from players just don’t want to bother with and Fun con wont merge servers. :man_shrugging:

Bring back instant cc’s and combo skipping. Best fun in this game.


Sure. No problem. Deal. Why not?

Under the condition they bring back Energy loss with ‘‘Stamina Management System’’ before the Energy Bar implementation.

Hehehehe :smiling_imp:

Laughs and re-rolls for a Polearm Guard

Honestly, DT & VoM is already Lottery with 20% crit or more. If Combomolding was brought back it would become ‘‘JACKPOT’’

I mean listen to it. It’s VoM that procs in the background!!!